July 16, 2024

Get your tickets for the 2024 World Curling Championship now

Get your tickets for the 2024 World Curling Championship now

Swiss curlers perform at the World Championships in Ottawa! After a class competition, they won the bronze medal. The Swiss curlers finished the preliminary round in 1st place, beating all the top favorites from Canada, Sweden and Scotland.

Thousands of spectators cheered as their semi-final opponents, reigning world champions Canada, produced their best performance yet, but it wasn’t enough for the final.

Great potential

Nevertheless: this Swiss group believed and did not reach the peak of performance. Skip Yannick Schwaller (28 years old), indeed always modest and calm, very modestly said after winning the bronze: “We have a super team and are capable of playing for the title”.

Unfashionable, but completely realistic: with Pablo Lachat (22), the Swiss team has the best sweeper lead in the international comparison, No. 2 Sven Michael (35) brings a lot of experience and has already won the European Championship or the World. Three times gold trophy. No. 4 Benoit Schwarz (31), the Swiss’s life insurance, has mitigated many tricky situations with smartly played stones.

A class of its own

At the national level, four Swiss curlers are currently in their class, so there’s a good chance they’ll return to the title in Schaffhausen in a year’s time. Although they have only been playing together for a year, they are already among the best in the world.

Because within a year, the Swiss curlers will be playing in front of Schaffhausen’s audience for the next world title – and then the main event of the 2024 Curling World Championship will be held in Munotstadt. Order your tickets now and you can be there. You can find them by Googling “World Cup of Curling 2024” or wmcc2024.com.

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