April 22, 2024

Get Far Cry 4, WRC 8, and more

Get Far Cry 4, WRC 8, and more

In Far Cry 4, you will meet, among other things, Pagan Min, one of the most exciting villains in the history of video games.

Have you always wanted to ride elephants, fly in a winged suit, explore the Himalayas and actually pay for an Amazon Prime subscription anyway? Then we have good news for you: in June 2022, Amazon Prime Gaming will also have Far Cry 4, where all this is possible, even in co-op! In addition, of course, there are other additional games that you do not have to pay for again.

Amazon Prime Gaming: The gaming lineup set for June 2022

This is what it’s about: PS Plus, Xbox Games with Gold, or Amazon Prime Gaming offer you a selection of games every month that you can simply get as part of a subscription without having to pay extra for titles again. This means that you can keep the games once they are secured. The June lineup is now set for Amazon Prime Gaming.

These games will be available on Amazon Prime Gaming in June 2022

All important information about Prime Gaming can also be found here:

Free games and prices + more - all the information at a glance

Amazon Prime Gaming

Free games, prices and more – all the info at a glance

The ultimate highlight of June: Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 - Launch Trailer: Welcome to Kyrat


Far Cry 4 – Launch Trailer: Welcome to Kyrat

  • Type: First person shooter

This is what it’s about: In fact, in Far Cry 4, we just want to scatter our dead mother’s ashes in her fictional Himalayan habitat, but then get to the silly, charismatic top villain Pagan Min. Why join the fight for freedom and she must take his entire army. That means exploring beautiful open mountains, freeing tons of outposts, climbing radio towers, and generally just having a good time.

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You can learn more on our website GamePro review for Far Cry 4:

Far Cry 4 in the test - high altitude


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Far Cry 4 in the test – high altitude

These titles are also included and that’s what it’s all about:

Escape from Monkey Island is the fourth installment in the popular “Point and Click” adventure series. And it fits perfectly with the announcement that the original Pirate game is about to make a comeback. The new game is then called Return to Monkey Island and the story continues after the second part:

Back to Monkey Island - The cliffhanger issue is finally resolved properly


Back to Monkey Island – The cliffhanger issue is finally resolved properly

Astrologer Transport yourself to medieval London. There you have to heal diseases with the help of stars. It sounds weird, but that’s what happens in this comedy adventure.

through the grooves It is based on magical realism and above all allows you to make decisions. Music plays an important role in this visual novel.

calico It works somewhat like Cat Café Manager: you have to set up a café that you can equip not only with cute furniture and all kinds of decorations, but also with cats.

The WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship lives up to its name: here you can reenact it in the official title of the 2019 World Rally Championship. It doesn’t get more real and authentic.

What games do you look forward to the most?