November 28, 2023

Franziska Brauße, Lisa Brennauer, Lisa Klein und Mieke Kröger haben eine weitere Medaille gewonnen.

Germany’s gold medal: Four-way track beats Great Britain after displaying world records

The four women won the gold medal in the Olympic track cycling competitions. Nachdem die Teamsprinterinnen Lea Sophie Friedrich und Emma Hinze im Izu Velodrome am Montag Silber geholt hatten, machten Franziska Brauße (Eningen), Lisa Brennauer (Durach), Lisa Klein (Erfurt) und Mieke Kröger felder feldern-Biele V command. In the last round, the Germans beat an unexpected team from Great Britain in 4: 04.249 minutes and set a new third world record in the third round.


The Americans, who defeated Canada with the bronze medal, came third in the overall standings. It is the German team’s first Olympic medal in the endurance area on the track since Judith Arendt finished third in the 3,000m individual event in Atlanta in 1996.

The British women also set a world record in the lead-up to the race

The German quartet had set new world records in each of the preliminaries, winning one hour before the final in the semi-finals in an impressive time of 4:06,166 minutes. This means that the British women’s world record, who had driven 4:06,748 minutes earlier and had chased the fastest time out of the Germans in the meantime, only held for a short time. “We thought we weren’t going to let the record be snatched from the Brits so easily,” Prause said after the semi-finals. dpa. The British Quartet suffered a fall shortly after the run.