July 12, 2024

German premiere of season 3 in October – fernsehserien.de

German premiere of season 3 in October – fernsehserien.de

A Series With Dogs Always On: Starting October 5th, Canadian series “Hudson & Rex” will continue with its German premiere on pay-TV on TNT Series: double episodes will air every Tuesday from 8:15 p.m. The season consists of 16 episodes.

In Canada, right after the third season aired in April, the go-ahead for the production of the fourth season was given – it will be shown on Citytv starting October 21.

“Hudson & Rex” is a free remake of the hit Austrian series “Kommissar Rex” and is located in Saint John, the capital of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

John Reardon (“Van Helsing”) embodies Detective Charlie Hudson, who at the beginning of the series receives unusual help in hunting down one of the kidnappers: the sheepdog Rex (played by Diesel Foam Burgemuald), a former member of the canine flock. Although Rex is somewhat stubborn and Hudson is not a dog person, the four-legged friend proves to be an invaluable aid in further investigations and is accepted into the team for serious crimes.

At the beginning of the third season with the original title “Origin Story” We look back exactly at the beginning of the series: Marking the third anniversary of the first collaboration, Hudson recalls the first case he solved with Rex. In the second episode of the new season, Hudson falls into the clutches of a fugitive killer. When the two suddenly face an even greater danger, they must come to terms with each other in order to survive.

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Other leading roles in “Hudson & Rex” as Mayko Nguyen (“Killjoys”) as Dr. Sarah Truong, Kevin Hanchard (Detective Art Bell from “Orphan Black”) as Superior Observer Joe Donovan and Justin Kelly (“Wynonna Earp”, “High Degrassi” ) as technical analyst Jesse Mills.