December 10, 2023

German Lux Coupe vying head-on: BMW's 4-Series Battles Audi A5 and Merc's C-Class

German Lux Coupe vying head-on: BMW’s 4-Series Battles Audi A5 and Merc’s C-Class

Chances are, if you’re interested in a reasonably practical, reasonably sporty 2 + 2 coupe, you’re looking to Germany. In this scenario, you’re likely looking at a Mercedes C-Class, and Audi A5 and BMW 4-Series.

So what should you get? UK’s CarWow put the three models face-to-face on a gloomy British day to see which one is brighter for host Mat Watson.

As it turns out, German brands know they’re competing, so the three cars are exactly the same. in the United States , A5 cup Starting at $ 44,000, 4-Series Coupe starts at $ 45,600, and the C-Class Coupe is the slightest, starting at $ 47,200.

It also produces very similar amounts of horsepower. In 4-cylinder form, BMW and Merc produce 255 hp, while Audi has a slightly larger grunt at 261 hp.

If you want more power, you can choose the 6-cylinder versions. However, for a 6-cylinder these days, you have specifications up to the high-performance brand models. Either way, the S5 generates 349 horsepower M440i It produces 382 bhp, and the AMG C43 produces 385 bhp.

In the video, though, they are the milder versions of the three, and it appears to be the FWD version of the A5. In this guise, Watson calls the A5 highly efficient, but less than exciting, it’s a fun C-Class, but a bit impractical, and the 4 Series is fun and functional.

Therefore, the only blow appears to be against 4-series Is this the new grille. If you can stand their looks, you are waiting for a great car. Since we’re talking about the grid, let’s talk about Watson’s comparison between BMW and Lady Gaga.

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His comparison calls it “not pretty, but hot”. This is a very old car review model that plays a role in a long-standing sexist tradition of comparing cars to women and On the contrary. I understand that comparisons are a thing, but ignoring the context of objectification and the semi-fixed equation between women and products that men judge, as if they were designed equally for our consumption and our pleasure, is bad.

But I don’t disagree with Watson’s assessment that the network isn’t completely bad. It kind of smells gas. not nice. But also attractive?