Gerhard Kirschbaumer wins the Cassis mountain bike

Gerhard Kirschbaumer showed a solid performance. © internazionaliditaliaseries / Alice Russolo

Gerhard Kirschbaumer won the fourth stage of the Inter d’Italia at Bichle in Geiser Tal on Wednesday.

The 29-year-old from Verdings had a long duel with Italian Simone Avondetto. In the end, Kirschbaumer, who is likely to be at the Olympics in Tokyo, was 28 seconds faster with a time of 1:36.25. Third place went to Chilean Martin Fedori (+1.02 min). Jacob Durigoni (+3.22) of Buffatten finished ninth on Sunday.

In the women’s elite class, Canadian Catherine Pendrell (1:40.26h) won. She put Sandra Walter (also Canada) in second, Walter only 8 seconds behind her compatriot in the finish. The best Azura was Chiara Teucci in third place (+1.22 min).

Two South Tyrol women are in the top six

Iban’s Eva Lechner, who will be the only Azura to compete in the Tokyo Games, landed Wednesday at Pichl Gsies in 4th place. At the finish line, she was 2.39 minutes behind victorious Pendrel. Local champion Greta Seewald (+4.02) finished in sixth place in strength, behind Italian Martina Berta (+3.40).

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