Gerhard Berger on Leclerc: “Something like this shouldn’t happen”

( – Charles Leclerc showed his nerve at Imola under pressure from Ferrari fans for the first time in the 2022 Formula 1 season. He was already off the track several times during Friday’s rainy practice session, and in the race on Sunday he shook off what appeared to be the position The third – spurred on by the potential ambition to catch Sergio Perez and take second place.

Gerhard Berger Monday evening with sport and talk from Hangar-7 in Salzburg


“You cannot afford such mistakes in such a difficult championship,” says Ferrari legend Gerhard Berger at once. Current video on YouTube channelheld Monday evening as part of ServusTV “Sports and Talks from Hangar-7” registered.

“If something went wrong with the aggressive overtaking maneuver: OK, but he was completely alone, had all the time in the world and already had a very safe third place and a lot of points, and they could get hurt at the end,” Berger criticized.

In his eyes, Leclerc is “a very fast pilot, a good pilot,” but: “Now we’ll see how it goes over the course of the season when it comes to the championship; how many mistakes he made in the end.” “Nothing like this should happen,” he asserts.

In 2022, Ferrari built a winning car with its own power for the first time in years. Berger is convinced that Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are basically good to win races with them. Ferrari is now good enough. “Now we’ll see how good the drivers are,” says the Austrian.

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Berger thinks: Leclerc should ‘deliver now’

Leclerc is “definitely the best in terms of speed”, but: “Faults shouldn’t have happened to him. Mistakes happen, no doubt about it. But if you look at the world championships last year, they were so close to finishing that such mistakes can hurt . […] Charles is a good man. But he has to fulfill now.”

Despite the 27-point difference Verstappen currently has, Berger currently sees “an advantage in Red Bull”. Although this “didn’t show up much in the first races, I think they’re a bit heavy and have a few reserves.” While Ferrari is already running “at full speed”.

In addition: “Perez took a huge step forward, but it is clear that he is behind Max.” This makes him the “perfect No. 2”. On the other hand, Sainz is a “good guy” who “doesn’t like being pushed into second grade”. He will “take points away from Leclerc at some point” and “he could play this very well in the hands of Red Bull”.

The highlights of Gerhard Berger’s analysis of the situation at his former team Ferrari, which was taped on Monday night on “ServusTV”, is now available Video on YouTube channel. He will follow Berger’s assessment of Lewis Hamilton’s psychological breakdown later this week. Subscribe to the channel now for free and never miss a new video again!

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