General election: The Scottish National Party wins the regional elections – but loses the absolute majority

BThe ruling pro-independence Scottish National Party scored an apparent victory in the parliamentary elections in Scotland, but narrowly lost the absolute majority. The Scottish National Party led by Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon will get 64 seats in Parliament, the Edinburgh Election Commission announced Saturday night. The absolute majority are 65 states.

But since the Greens, who are also in favor of secession from the United Kingdom, won eight seats, those in favor of independence have a clear majority. The elections were seen as a test of the mood for independence. The sturgeon wants to bring Scotland back into the European Union. The British government strongly rejects a new referendum.

“There is simply no democratic justification for Boris Johnson or anyone else for trying to block the right of Scots to decide our future,” Sturgeon said in a victory speech on television. If the government in London does not allow a referendum, it will stand “against the will of the Scottish people”.

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Johnson had previously told the Daily Telegraph: “I think the referendum in the current context is irresponsible and reckless.” The majority of Scots have rejected Brexit.

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