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The Best Chef Awards will begin on September 13 in Amsterdam with the theme “Food Meets Science”. Experts will focus on two topics. It begins with “meat – no meat,” a topic that dominates table discussions around the world. Stacy Peet will talk about new sources of protein in her “Weird, Wild and Delicious” talk. Aret Matser will explain the latest technology in the production of vegan burger patties. In her presentation “Finding Flexitarians,” Marleen Onwezen also explores the question of which motives play a critical role in choosing food. The three scientists work at Wageningen University, one of the world’s leading research institutions on sustainability issues.

The culinary presentations will be equally exciting: Fatimata Pinta (Fulani Kitchen) will present her new vegetarian menu and talk about her involvement in women’s agricultural projects in Africa. Rudiger Brummer reports on his understanding of the role of meat sommelier and David Muñoz (DiverXO) from Madrid will give insight into their latest dish, where the theme of ‘meat – no meat’ plays a role.

Gastronomy in an endless space

“Food and Space,” the second part of the “Food meets Science” focus, deals with the infinite expanse of space. Matthew Kastix and Jörg Hoffmann are responsible for food development for the German ESA astronauts in the LSG. You’ll show theory and practice how astronaut food is prepared these days, and then ask for a tasting. Then Professor Reinhold Ewald – himself a former astronaut – will describe the evolution of astronaut nutrition over the past 60 years. Ultimately, there is a direct connection between Houston and astronaut Matthias Mauer, who will speak with Bernd Braiter, CEO of Big City Beats, about the relationship of gastronomy, the universe, and music to each other.

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