May 21, 2024

Gas Saving + Energy Partnership with the UK?  + UNHCR puts Orban in trouble • Europe.Table

Gas Saving + Energy Partnership with the UK? + UNHCR puts Orban in trouble • Europe.Table

  • Saving gas: Netzagentur wants to exceed EU target
  • EU Commission puts Orban in trouble
  • EU monitoring
  • Early elections in Italy on September 25
  • The House of Lords calls for an energy partnership with the European Union
  • British House of Commons adopts controversial Northern Ireland bill
  • Scottish independence: referendum sessions scheduled for October
  • European Central Bank raises interest rates suddenly
  • Survey: German companies are open to Russian IT professionals
  • Viewpoint: Germany’s new fiscal policy strategy

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to me EU winter plan Yesterday it was at our first table. Management consultant Jens Fuller said the basic idea is to reap the “low-minute fruits” in all EU countries. but if Gas export ban, as in Hungary Spread out, “So we have a problem of such magnitude that we can’t even imagine yet,” Hurtie School’s Leon Hearth warned. About the live briefing and The latest developments in the gas crisis Writes Manuel Berkel.

Moreover Cooperation between the European Union and the United Kingdom In a potential emergency gas is expandable – at least that’s what the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee says. Logic: the UK has LNG export capabilitieswho can help the European Union if necessary, while the European Union gas storage that the kingdom can benefit from. Therefore, the British government must “urgently” a A binding agreement with the European Union on emergency energy supplies Meeting. Read more in News.

The Prime Minister of Hungary has been standing for months Victor Urban Through important decisions at the level of the European Union. His destructive behavior could now have consequences. It seems that Commission President Ursula von der Leyen is determined to do so EU financial leverage against Hungary to use. The shortage of funds will seriously hurt the country’s economy. sees himself accordingly Highest leverage commission. The EU commissioner responsible for the budget, Johannes Hahn, assumes there will be a “constructive solution”. Even Hopi And the Hans Peter Seibhar I tested.


Saving gas: Netzagentur wants to exceed EU target

A headwind was expected. Shortly after the EU Commission proposed an overall energy saving target of 15 per cent in its winter plan on Wednesday, individual countries publicly expressed their disapproval. The Portugal government The proposal cannot be accepted at all because it is untenable, yesterday Minister of State for Environment and Energy, Joao Galampa, in a press interview. “We consume gas out of absolute necessity.”

Already the day before The Spanish Minister of Environmental Transformation, Teresa Ribera, Sorry: ‘We cannot make sacrifices for which no one has been asked’ criticized, especially against Germany One had to understand this sentence: “Unlike other countries, we Spaniards have not lived beyond our means in terms of energy consumption.” On Thursday, El Pais newspaper reported a “Iberian front” against the plans of the Brussels authorities.

However, this may just be theatrical thunder ahead of energy ministers’ negotiations in Brussels on Tuesday. then Special cases such as the Iberian Peninsula The commission had long considered its draft on Wednesday.

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