Gareth Southgate is expected to be a knight

LONDON/MUNICH – England coach Gareth Southgate is said to have been awarded the UK’s highest honor.

As reported by the English newspaper “The Sun”, Southgate will receive the “Order of the British Empire”. Above all else, Prime Minister Boris Johnson must act to honor Southgate.

Boris Johnson: ‘I made history’

With this honor, Southgate will have “Sir” in front of her name, as do many other British celebrities. Despite the bitter recent defeat to Italy on penalties, Southgate has received a lot of sympathy. Johnson thanked him on Monday, saying: “You made history. You lifted our spirits and brought joy to this country. Like millions of people in this country, I am filled with pride and hope.”

If Southgate does indeed receive the medal, the ceremony will take place on New Year’s Day, when Queen Elizabeth II will perform the honour.

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