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Gardelegen Power Outage Currently 05/02/2023: These outages exist

There was a power outage in Gardelegen in the Wollenhagen district on Tuesday afternoon. You can find out all the information about today’s power outage in Gardelegen and what to do now here on news.de

Suddenly it’s dark in the house, what now? The causes of power outages are varied. Image: Adobe Stock/Evgen

Malfunctions and maintenance in Gardelegen up to date

For Gardelegen, the Störsauskunft.de portal currently lists the troubleshooting process that is being handled by the network operator Avacon Netz GmbH. On average, the availability of the German power grid is very high, including at Gardelegen in Saxony-Anhalt. However, interruptions in the power supply can occur from time to time. In many cases, these are low voltage disturbances that only affect one or several families. In the following overview you will find all information about crash reports in the region.

The following bugs are currently available on Gardelegen on May 2, 2023

in the supply area District road K1084 (within a radius of about 1 km) in Wollenhagen, Gardelegen (postal code 39638, Altmarkkreis Salzwedel) Avacon Netz GmbH There is a temporary error. Problems have appeared here since 1:27 PM. The search for the cause is currently underway, which is expected to continue until approximately 4:20 p.m.

(Last update: 05/02/2023, 10:35 PM)

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Reporting a power outage in Gardelegen: correct contact for affected people

This should be made clear up front: a power outage isn’t always considered an emergency. Only call the emergency numbers of the police or firefighters in an emergency. Instead, first try to see if the problem is only in your apartment, for example due to a blown fuse in your fuse box. If not, go to your energy company’s Incident Reporting page and report the incident there.

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Here you can access the error report from the responsible network operator Avacon Netz.

Information for those affected in an area of ​​unrest

Major blackouts can occur at any time and result in extended power losses. Therefore, it is important to prepare for such a situation and know how to act. First of all, you should stay calm and find out why the power is off. It is advisable to have an emergency supply of food, water and medicine in order to be self-sufficient for several days. Emergency lighting and a battery-powered radio can also be useful. It is important to charge electronic devices such as computers and cell phones before they fail completely. If possible, one should consider alternative energy sources such as solar energy or wind energy. In the event of a power outage, one must follow the local authorities’ code of conduct and follow the instructions. Just call the numbers for the police and firefighters in an absolute emergency. On the other hand, it is advisable to inform neighbors and friends and support each other. With some precautions and simple etiquette, one can prepare for blackouts and minimize the impact.

Blackouts: states and federal states in comparison

Outages in the power grid happen from time to time, even if they are mostly regional and only temporary. In Germany, a lot is being done to ensure there are no power outages, and statistically speaking, German households have to go without electricity for an average of less than 20 minutes a year. In the UK it takes more than 1 hour a year, and in some European countries like Poland or Italy it takes more than 3 hours.

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A comparison of federal states by the Federal Grid Agency shows that the main figures for outages range from 9 to 19 minutes. Rhineland-Palatinate (about 19 minutes a year) and Brandenburg (about 17 minutes) top the list, followed by Saxony-Anhalt (16 minutes). On the other hand, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hesse, Bavaria, Berlin and Schleswig-Holstein have the least blackouts (about 9 minutes each).

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