November 28, 2023

Galileo Galilei won the Ideas Competition

Galileo Galilei won the Ideas Competition

LEGO Ideas Stem Competition Winner

Fans have decided: a mini set designed to honor Galileo Galilei will appear as a new free gift from LEGO Ideas in the future. The model was able to STEM Building Competition at LEGO Ideas Prevail and get the most votes.

Tonight starts with LEGO Jungle Hideout 40567 Next Free Gift In the LEGO Online Store for sale. Before that, the LEGO Ideas team will take the opportunity to talk to you Greetings to Galileo Galilei To present the winner of the building competition and subsequent voting by LEGO Ideas users.

LEGO Tribute to Galileo Galilei 1

Competition mission Ready, get ready, go STEM! It is a small model design that revolves around the themes of MINT (Mathematics, Computer Science, Natural Science and Technology; English: “STEM”) and includes a mechanical gameplay function.

Honoring the famous Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei The master himself appears on his desk, on which stands a model of the Sun and the Earth. Through a small gear mechanism in the base plate, the Earth revolves around the sun by simply turning the gear wheel located under the nameplate.

LEGO Tribute to Galileo Galilei 4

Although Galileo was not the original founder of the “heliocentric view” in which the Earth orbits the Sun along with all the other planets in the solar system, his work on Dialogue on the two major world systems Important insights upon which this view of the world is based. Particularly famous in connection with Galileo goes beyond his scientific work, the process of the Inquisition in Rome, which was supposed to prevent the world from spreading this teaching. famous quote “And you, and they, and your presence [die Erde, Anm. d. Red.] Move!”which Galileo was said to have mumbled as he left the hall, was added later.

LEGO's Tribute to Galileo Galilei 2

The user model “Firecracker_” received a total of 1,432 votes and thus clearly beat the draft, which took second place. We’ve listed the top three again for you below:

  1. Greetings to Galileo Galilei From Firecracker_ (1,432 votes)
  2. Tribute to Leonardo da Vinci by LEGO owners (783 votes)
  3. Rotate the classic space logo by DelQuinn (637 votes)

LEGO designers are now reviewing a fan draft again before it’s released as a free gift. Since some of the included items are not available in the colors used or are no longer available at all in the current LEGO parts range, reviews at these points can’t be avoided anyway. For example, using a miniature hook scorpion in a picture frame behind a desk would be a very unusual solution for an official LEGO set.

LEGO Tribute to Galileo Galilei 3

Since then too “Untouchable” design From a previous idea contest, it’s possible that a Galileo Galilei model won’t appear in the LEGO online store until 2023 as a gift-to-buy (GWP). So all fans of the winning model will have to be patient a little longer.

What do you think of “Honoring Galileo Galilei”? Like the draft and looking forward to the official GWP? Or did you have another favorite among the finalists in the competition? Let us know in the comments!