June 14, 2024

Galaxy S23: Samsung doesn't just save on the screen in the base model, one leak claims

Galaxy S23: Samsung doesn’t just save on the screen in the base model, one leak claims

Of course, all eyes are on the top-of-the-line model of the smartphone series, so with the Galaxy S23, the highlights expected of the Galaxy S23 Ultra will be at the fore as well, notably the rumored 200MP sensor with allegedly outstanding night vision qualities and an improved richness of detail.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is also eagerly awaited, as it should have not only significantly more performance, but above all, more improved efficiency characteristics, that is, more performance with less power consumption and heat development. The base Galaxy S23 model – perhaps again with a “small” screen of about 6.1 inches – should also rely on this mobile platform that Qualcomm introduced next week, but you shouldn’t expect more key features from the smaller Galaxy S23 model.

The cameras should be practically identical to the Galaxy S22 (here Available on Amazon from about 830 euros) Still, with the AMOLED screen, even steps back with the bezels – that is, the thicker bezels – are to be expected, according to Tipster because this saves costs in production and is probably only noticeable in a direct comparison anyway. Another leaker now mentioned more savings on another component – the vibration motor.

His tweet (see below) shouldn’t be taken to mean no vibrators are used at all, but Samsung can save on quality and install a less vibrating motor with precision. Of course, it is currently not possible to judge the veracity of this information, as there were previously rumors about the Galaxy S22, which, fortunately, have not yet come true. In this regard, some doubts are appropriate.

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