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That means for Robert Habeck Departure of Patrick Gration Bitter loss – The foreign minister who was sacked on Wednesday played a crucial role in shaping the green economy minister’s energy policy.

However, Gration himself was largely confined to national politics. the Habeck’s foreign minister, Sven Gigold, coordinates EU issues. The former MEP also maintains contact with other Member States. Where there have been intersections between federal and EU policies, for example with the hydrogen strategy, coordination between the two has been reported to work well.

direct So the Graichen case has no effect on the situation in the council. But it leaves Green Minister Habek vulnerable, and at a time when resistance to the Green Deal is growing. Therefore, the Greens in the European Union Parliament see the departure of Gration, who was considered a fighter for the cause of the energy transition, bitter loss. Michael Bloss, for example, commented that it was a “mainstay of progressive energy policy.”

The back should be clarified quickly, but it is questionable how quickly this person often is In the complex intertwining of national and European energy politics he have. At BMWK, one must yearn for the parliamentary summer recess more than ever.


G7 Summit in Japan: How do we deal with China and Russia?

Olaf Scholz is still smiling happily when he arrives in Japan. But many sticking points await him at the G7 summit.

A year ago at Schloss Elmau the G7 meeting was all about gold, this weekend in Hiroshima, Japan it will be Discussing the trade ban on Russian diamonds. Within the EU, Belgium through its commercial hub of Antwerp has so far blocked embargoes and pushed for a solution at the G7 level. One EU diplomat said one is about to find a way here. The key is the rough diamond “tracking” system. Without traceability, Russian diamonds could be sold through other trading venues, particularly in India.

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single diamond An important source of income for Russia. In order to cut these off, the entire retail chain must be kept in mind and better techniques developed to monitor it. The G7 leaders are expected to discuss progress on sanctions against Russian diamonds in the final statement.

The Europeans also want to attend the G7 summit The Ukraine Peace Summit, scheduled for mid-July, will be discussed in Denmark It’s planned. The basis should be the ten points of Volodymyr Zelensky’s peace plan. The Europeans see the summit not least as a reaction to the controversial Chinese initiatives for a peaceful solution. However, it is questionable whether the peace summit would not have come so soon given the current state of conflict.

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