November 29, 2023

FW update: Canon EOS C70 will soon be able to record raw videos

FW update: Canon EOS C70 will soon be able to record raw videos

Canon has a new one EOS R5 C . Introduced, which is based on the unmatched EOS R5 still camera, but optimized for professional movie shooting. This ad also drew comparisons to the Canon EOS C70 cinema camera, which was announced in fall 2019 as the first Canon Cinema EOS system camera to feature an RF lens mount (I mentioned internally). (Until then, cinema cameras were equipped with either the “Canon EF” or “PL” mount common on many film camera brands.)

It looks like a lot of the Canon EOS C70 has flocked to the new EOS R5 C, with the R5 C being a younger model offering plenty that already fits the EOS C70 as well. That’s why Canon will soon upgrade the EOS C70 with firmware updates.

Canon EOS C70 with Super35 Format Image Sensor: Canon is promising a major upgrade to the C70 with a firmware update, which will include 12-bit “Cinema RAW Light” as the recording format.

In order to further improve the Cinema EOS family of products, Canon announced a significant upgrade to the EOS C70 built with the new R5 C, which can be installed in March 2022 via a firmware update enhanced with 12-bit Cinema RAW Light recording, among other things.

EOS C70 Firmware Update

The latest firmware update for the EOS C70 unlocks advanced features including an additional Cinema RAW Light LT 4K recording option and XF-AVC proxy recording capability. With Cinema RAW Light LT, a new frame and time-lapse recording options such as stop motion and time-lapse video, the EOS C70 unlocks new creative possibilities and improved image quality. With the December 2021 firmware release, there is compatibility with 12 additional lenses4 when using the EF-EOS R 0.71x adapter with full optical correction, metadata and AF support, providing more flexibility in lens selection in the professional environment.

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The new firmware update for the Canon EOS C70 will be available from March 2022. Like all firmware updates, guides and software updates, it can be downloaded via Canon support page can be obtained.

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