December 11, 2023

Future Forum: Mind and Spirit - Science and Humanity

Future Forum: Mind and Spirit – Science and Humanity

As part of this year’s Forum for the Future, a panel of experts on initiator Jürg Krause met to talk about health, social and political challenges, also against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Maria pain. The Forum for the Future provides experts with a multidisciplinary discussion platform. Everything is organized by the Salzburg Innergebirg Neurology Working Group (ANSIG). This time the delegation met at Steinbockalm in Maria Alm and recommendations and theses were drawn up in order to maintain a high standard of medical care and encourage improvements.

well-known speakers

Participate in this discussion:

  • Jörg Krause: Neurologist from Zell am See
  • Edward Auf: Former Director of the University Clinic for Neurology at the Vienna General Hospital
  • Lucas Muller: Junior World Champion in Ski Jump
  • Tatiana Schnell: Meaning seeker
  • Joseph Marksteiner: Head of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in the hall
  • Orhan’s Law: University Clinic of Neurology in Dusseldorf
  • Winfred Loeffler: Institute of Christian Philosophy in Innsbruck and
  • Barbara Three: President of the Friedrich August Institute, Director of the Austrian Economic Center and Vice President of the Austrian National Bank

different lectures

The event ran for two days and experts gave lectures on a variety of sub-topics. Edward Auf spoke of the power of the irrational. He explained that the irrational seems to be always and everywhere – and fear is said to be a constant partner.

An Endangered Existence: Vulnerable to Fake News

“People who felt their existence was threatened by the pandemic were therefore particularly vulnerable to fake news and drawing wrong conclusions from it,” said Ofe. “Recognizing and eliminating the underlying causes of fear would be a way out.”

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Have you heard about the future forum?

You can do anything at will

Lukas Müller, the former world champion in snowboarding, used his fate to vividly describe how willpower can help get out of crises.

“The moment of realization, when I could no longer feel my leg, was the second zero for me – right after I fell at the 160-meter mark while flying on the ice. I began my way back there, because willpower over the years has been the training firmly entrenched in my subconscious. Often the solutions are The possible is closer than you think, with the realization that through a vision that turns into ideas, ideas become ideas and a path that paves the way from ideas,” explained Lucas Muller.

People often make irrational decisions

Joseph Marksteiner dealt with the pandemic of irrationality.

“Because people are subject to different cognitive biases not only in the case of an epidemic, we do not make many decisions in a rational way. The first step in avoiding falling victim to such biases is to understand their nature. Epidemic often relates to catastrophic thoughts, i.e. fears, anxieties and fears. It must be recognized. As social learning is best done in groups, forming a social bond in such groups would be an approach to Covid education,” Marksteiner explained in his lecture.

Mystical level can be experienced

Initiator and neuroscientist at Zell am See, Jörg Krause, spoke about the discrepancy between an individual’s perception and interpretation of disease and actual causal diagnoses.

“In this context, the cervical vertebra or the cervical spine is often the focus of patients’ disease experience. This cannot usually be proven by objective findings. The human individual traditionally suffers from disease and treatment possibilities are at the intrinsic level,” explained the neurologist.

This year's Forum for the Future took place at Steinbockalm in Maria Alm - experts gave lectures on the topic of Mind and Spirit / Science and Humanity.

Ethics vs Roulette

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Winfried Loeffler addressed the topic of ethics versus roulette in his lecture. He sees ethics in medicine as the third essential decision-making process besides literal medical law and the legal framework. Loeffler explained this as follows:

“Ethics has been shown to be of particular value in the case of new types of problems, further developments in the ability to judge or in the case of moral contradictions. Ethics serves the purpose of avoiding perceived roulette combinations and thus serves the patient’s well-being also as legal self-protection. I see the time factor as a major challenge, Because ethical thinking requires it. So a high-quality health system should create institutional and informal forums for such ideas.”

Efficient Economy – Affordable Health System

Barbara Colm concluded her two-day lecture series. I shared lessons learned from the pandemic.

“The bottom line is that the state has become much stronger during the pandemic and is getting much more involved again. People are taking responsibility through regulations and thus become more dependent. This development must be reversed, because more forced reduction leads to individual liability and serious damage to the system. In addition, only a working economy creates the prerequisites for a financially viable health system,” said Colm.

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Feel the effects of salt and relax

All invited experts were excited about the event and took the breaks to enjoy the mountain panorama.
This year's Forum for the Future took place at Steinbockalm in Maria Alm - experts gave lectures on the topic of Mind and Spirit / Science and Humanity.
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