July 16, 2024

Fungal Ear Infection From Apple Airpods & Co: How Dangerous Are In-ear Headphones?

Fungal Ear Infection From Apple Airpods & Co: How Dangerous Are In-ear Headphones?

Otomycosis is a fungal infection of the ear. It manifests itself through a swollen, red and painful ear canal. mushrooms feel most comfortable in high humidity and high temperatures, As mentioned by gentside. Repeatedly wearing AirPods and other headphones in the ear can create the perfect environment in the ear for fungus to thrive.

Ear, nose and throat specialist and plastic surgeon d. sina gorabchi one Famous ENT Clinic in South Florida Draw attention to this phenomenon in the videos On his account on TikTok springy.

Dangerous from headphones? TikTok video has gone viral

The clips aren’t particularly pleasant to look at, but they are still viral – and are meant to encourage young people in particular to use proper and regular ear hygiene by deterring them. Because no one wants a fungal infection like this in their ear. To get rid of them, the fungus must be removed by a doctor and then treat the ear with ear drops.

How does a fungal infection develop in the ears? the gate Gesundheit.de reportsAny foreign bodies in the ear can lead to disease in the ear canal. Apart from headphones, this also includes hearing aids or cotton swabs. They push the earwax back into the ear canal and the ear can no longer perform its self-cleaning function. This may also lead to hearing loss.

But what can I do to prevent this from happening to me in the first place? Gurapchi advises making a liquid and pouring it into your ears after wearing headphones for a long time. This makes the environment in the ear irritating to the fungus. The solution, according to the doctor, should be one third of water, one third of rubbing alcohol, and one third of hydrogen peroxide. This supposedly protects against bothersome ear mycosis.

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