July 16, 2024

Fuchs secured Switzerland’s Nations Cup victory in a jump

Fuchs secured Switzerland’s Nations Cup victory in a jump

Fox and Steve Gwerdat in Vinard, Edward Schmitz in Saddle Jamin and Brian Balsiger with Dubai managed to win just like last year when he finally made it in action again after 22 years. Thus the score of CSIO home wins was completed. For Brazil, it would have been the second victory for Switzerland after 56 years.

Fuchs had to deliver an upscale empty jump ride. Mansour was a little faster after that. He gave the upset team the victory only with a knockdown at the last hurdle. “I went on the attack, but deliberately slowed down a bit before the last difficult jump. In the end, it paid off, ”the current Swiss sportsman of the year explains, showing his tactics.

Final rider Steve Gerdat also showed strong nerves. Jurassic put a lot of pressure on Brazil’s Pedro Fiennes in the saddle of a Nimrod with a clear second flight. He withstood the stress and put his team on the leap for victory – both countries were there with just four penalty points after two rounds.

Zero doubled as an alternate contestant

Ironically, alternate rider Brian Balsiger also showed a big trump card. The 25-year-old Olympian showed two empty rides – only two other riders, Guerdat and Brazil’s Rodrigo Pessoa, made it. As the nominal No. 5, Neuchâtel entered play for Pius Schweizer, whose horse Vancouver was not fit.

Starting rider Schmitz solved the task correctly, but not perfectly. The 23-year-old crossed the finish line twice in Saddle Djamin with four penalty points and failed to set the example hoped for for his teammates.

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Horse review in the Nations Cup

Fox weighted his masterpiece with Leon G.I. After a mistake in the first round, he finally got Switzerland back on track to win a clean ride. This performance was also the deciding factor that he would ride for the third time on the jump.

Fox also has to defend his win from the previous year at the Grand Prix on Sunday. Commissioner will saddle Bizzy for this test.

After the first round, the team of Michel Sorg and Great Britain were waiting for the previously flawless Brazilians with four penalty points. In the final tally, Germany finished third with eight penalty points.