From Sensenverein to Streetbunnycrew: Germany’s weirdest clubs

Bikers in bunny costumes, men and women who would rather wield their machetes than lawn mowers, or gentlemen with neatly styled beards: among the hundreds of thousands of clubs in Germany, there are very few single ones. Sometimes serious intentions are hidden behind promising names. Overview:

German Sensor Club: No lawn mowers or lawn trimmers. Meadow members mow the meadows by hand – with a machete, just as in the past, when almost everyone in the villages still worked on hay for livestock. For the club, mowing with a machete is not only good for your health, but also efficient: the machete is faster around trees or on steep slopes. And because it makes no noise, the lawn can also be mowed on public holidays and Sundays.

The Long People’s Club in Germany: This club is not for the young. Women must be 1.80m tall and men 1.90m tall to join. According to the association’s self-description, “height above average” should be the one thing all members have in common. It sees itself as a platform for tall people who can brainstorm ideas in meetings – for example on where to find shoes, trousers or oversized beds.

Association Against Fraudulent Casting: How full is my beer mug at Oktoberfest? Members often tested whether the promised liter was actually being served in Munich. The answer: not always. According to the statutes, the association seeks to “act generally against the still widespread poor service of many innkeepers” in “consumer protection services”. Members want to exhaust “all legal means” to “achieve full measure by measure.”

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Santa Claus on the road: Behind her is not a Santa Claus rental company who appears at company celebrations or delivers gifts for the festival. But the motorcyclists who travel with their machines during the Christmas season in order to “bring the attention of the citizens to the needy in Berlin”. Photos on the club’s website show how bikers dressed in Santa Claus costumes cruise around on decorated motorcycles for good reason.



Streetbunny Crew: These are also women and men on motorcycles, most of them dressed as bunnies. They also do fundraisers. At first they went to various events “just for fun with the pink suits”. Club president Andreas Gross-Hardt wrote: “Since we constantly received positive attention on our appearance, we thought about what could be positively developed from it.” In terms of motivation, the association’s website says: “Happy people are more likely to donate than bad people.”

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Munster, Germany: The satirical League of Templin in Brandenburg made national headlines when in 2018 it failed before the Federal Constitutional Court in its attempt to be recognized as an ideological society. The Church of the Spaghetti Monsters in the United States was born out of controversy over the theory of evolution in class. “Pastafaris”, as the members call themselves, refers to the values ​​of humanity. The site says: “What are we standing for? Anything is good.”

Beard and Culture Club “Bill Mustache”: “A kiss without a beard is like soup without salt,” says the Baden-Württemberg-based association, which wants to increase the popularity of beards. There are also tips for people who don’t use a razor on their face every day. Because styling long beards definitely requires skill.

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The German Organization of Non-Commercial Supporters of Pure Donalditarianism: Actually, this is about the cartoon character with a light beak. “The Duck family and the world they live in are of special importance to us Donaldusts,” the site reads. The association brings together all those who wish to exchange information about Duckburg.

Schwuhplattler: Guys deservedly make sure that the traditional Bavarian Schuhplatteln never sleeps. The special thing about it: “To this day, we are the first club in the world to combine homosexuality and Schuhplattln.” Along with the dance – hands hit the shoe – the members also want to promote more tolerance towards the gay scene.

Durheim Weathermen: This is not a popular club for meteorologists. This is what the carnivals in Friedberg, Hesse, call it. Many carnival clubs and carnivals sometimes have strange names. Infernal demons in Tuttlingen for example. (dpa)

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