June 20, 2024

From Maine-Kinsik County to the Canadian Wilderness: Gold Prospect Jர்க்rg Lots is a TV expert

From Maine-Kinsik County to the Canadian Wilderness: Gold Prospect Jர்க்rg Lots is a TV expert

Jörg Lotz, 57, an engineer and businessman from Wächtersbach, has been looking for gold in Canada for many years. Meanwhile he became a TV star. You can see him on the TV show “Gold Rush” on DMAX in Germany.

Waechtersbach / Schlüchtern / Whitehorse – Jörg Lotz is best known as an expert on the Gold Prospect show. Before going to university he was a mason at Kinzik-School and began his vocational training at Schluechtern (Main-Kinzig-Kreis) with a Diploma in Technology (Construction) and a Diploma in Technology (Construction). He has had an engineering office in Waltersbank for nearly 25 years: “I have experience digging the ground,” he told our newspaper in 2019 while sitting on a red KN bed. At the time, our title was: “Mr. More than 700 Claims”. It has become the second home of Yukon Lodz, and the engineer plans to bring all of his terrestrial travel vehicles from Waltersbach to the Canadian area. (Read here: Coach from Main-Kinsk County believes as a chef in Salzburg)

The reality show describes the experiences of various gold miners in Yukon and neighboring Alaska. The TV crew is coming with you during the exciting golden banning season in the short summer in the far north. Lodz can be seen as a claimant owner with a team of new inspectors working on his land.

From Maine-Kinsik County to the Canadian Wilderness: Gold Prospect Jர்க்rg Lots is a TV expert

“We invest in the exploration of new gold deposits using scientific and engineering processes and defend claims, ie mining rights. Then the prospecters mine the gold in the claims, we get a share or we sell the claims. At the event, Fred Lewis comes to me and asks about one of the areas we expect. We’re coming to an agreement, and each week on our claims in California Creek the show shows how Fred sets up his mine, searches for gold and finds it, “Lodz said of his work and television show.

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When asked how it was in front of the camera, he says: “I really enjoyed it, but it took a lot of time to do it. Sometimes they shoot for hours, but only a few seconds end the show – or nothing at all. We had a film crew with people who had to repeat the scenes or shoot from different angles.You had to get the content of the 15-minute dialogue with three sentences and then cut it accordingly and create some tension.In spite of this, there was no script and no content was found but of course This is an entertainment show and not a geoscience documentary.

Wächtersbacher still does not feel like a TV star, but the reactions from fans are increasing. But it may be a double-edged sword: “Fred Lewis is a ‘green horn’ who expects our claims, but he has the courage to do so. He meets criticism and jealousy. Many in the United States are upset about his haircut, but he takes it easy. We are not paying attention, but that may change. ” The show runs every Friday in the US for 23 weeks in prime time and has the highest ratings. In Germany it always runs on DMAX on Wednesdays, but with a 13 week delay.

Jörg Lotz wants to move this passenger vehicle to Canada.

© Jork Lots

Jorge Lots will return to Yukon in April and will continue to build his lock home. After the ice melts, the mine will be able to restart only in May. This year the engineer will transfer a large passenger vehicle to Canada. The 33-ton “6×6 MAN” features a special system from the Austrian manufacturer Axenmobil, a manufacturer of luxury long-distance vehicles. Lodz has good connections there: the founder of the company was his great uncle Ottie Reeds, who was born in Waltersbach.

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Jörg Lotz wants to move 33 ton truck to Canada

The impressive vehicle is already in his yard in Waltersback, where it is being fitted and upgraded for longer trips. Comfortable living room provides comfortable and safe accommodation even in the harsh climate of Subaru. A workshop with a crane is currently being installed in the rear of the vehicle.

In the summer, the voyage begins by ship to Halifax, in eastern Canada, and then to the Alaskan border, a distance of about 7,500 kilometers across Canada. Lodz plans two to three weeks for the voyage, and the voyage is only a good ten days. A person from Wächtersbach could not say whether the vehicle will be shown on TV next summer: “The ‘Gold Rush’ show will be filmed again on our claims, but I still do not know what will be shown. But I am currently in serious talks with another TV production company, which expects gold. As the car is named, you can definitely see me and of course my ‘Yukonwolf’.

Video: My life as a gold digger

At Lodz, it’s not about gold and adventure, but about nature and the environment. Areas must also be cleared to search for gold. “Gold is an important precious metal that is used in every mobile phone. To extract mineral resources, you have to land on the ground. In the Yukon and Alaska, not as highly toxic as on other continents, only water and gravity can be used to buy gold. Areas are re-cultivated. Gold extraction is one of the most eco-friendly in the world.We often work in valleys that were formerly glacial, have uniform alder bushes over several square kilometers.This is not optimal for an ecosystem and beyond that there are many more boundary lines, pools and open grasslands, where Caribou move frequently. Digging does not leave permanent damage, and in many places it is quite the opposite, ”says Lots.

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Do companies in Wächtersbach still have time? “In the meantime, everything in modern companies is set up and secured so that you can work comfortably from your home office. This also applies to the operation of technical systems. We have good staff I can count on and I am always on site for important maintenance and appointments. Otherwise, most of the time in the home office, the ‘home’ is just a short distance away, “said Bionerge Walkersbach’s engineer and managing director (Earth, Thim).