July 15, 2024

From abuse of power to fraud?, WhatsApp goes Telegram?, Assange – BILDblog

From abuse of power to fraud?, WhatsApp goes Telegram?, Assange – BILDblog

1. From abuse of power to fraud?
(lto.de, Christian Rath)
Axel-Springer-Verlag is demanding millions from former Bild editor Julien Reichelt because he is said to have breached the obligations under the termination agreement. This Friday, the so-called Quality deadline Resolve the dispute between the two parties. Christian Rath classifies the case from a legal point of view and also addresses Reikelt’s conflict with the NDR.

2. Catherine Fernau will definitely not be the next RBB director
(dwdl.de, Timo Niemeier)
The current Interim Director, Katrin Fernow, will lead the Asia Pacific Regional Office for just a few more months, then a new Head will be elected. A request to later place Fernau on the slate for the upcoming board election did not find a majority on the broadcasting board, Timo Niemeier reports on “DWDL.” However, Katrin Fernau has nothing to worry about, according to Niemeyer: “After her stint at RBB, she will return to WDR, where she was simply on leave as Managing Director. She is now said to have ambitions for the position of Director of the World Development Report.”

3. WhatsApp introduces channels
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Part of the secret to the Telegram messaging service’s success is the many groups, some of which have hundreds of thousands of members. Apparently, WhatsApp now wants to follow suit and introduce the ‘broadcast function’. “So WhatsApp can become a platform for Internet haters and fake news,” comments Spiegel.

4. Assange’s extradition is getting dangerously close
Reporters Without Borders is “deeply concerned” by the UK Supreme Court’s decision to reject WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s appeal against his extradition to the United States. Assange could face up to 175 years in prison in the United States. So Christian Meyer, Director General of Reporters Without Borders, appealed to US President Joe Biden: “Drop the charges, drop the case, and allow Julian Assange to be released immediately.”

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5. Trauma in Journalism: Surviving Photographs
(mediummagazin.de, Jana Hauschild)
Many journalists experience traumatic events while searching, but few are prepared for them. In her article in Medium Magazine, Jana Hauschild writes about why it’s so dangerous and what experts and sufferers recommend.

6. Lidl is worth it. jumpers.
(uebermedien.de, Peter Brewer)
“To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Lidl is making a big splash – with a failed video clip in which Germany’s hit queen Helene Fischer dances in the supermarket, and an ad campaign in Springer that extends into the editorial part.” Communications designer and copywriter Peter Breuer analyzes the large-scale discount advertising campaign, which is also based on the collection of Axel Springer.