Friday’s World Cup matches – Germany just missed “Stängeli” – Sports

World Cup matches on Friday – Germany just missed “Stängeli” – Sports – SRF

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  • Germany can plan for the quarter-finals after their fourth consecutive win. Kazakhstan, on the other hand, is still without points.
  • Finland achieved the budgeted victory over Great Britain. Latvia defeats Austria on penalties.

Group A

Germany 9-4 Italy – At the Helsinki Ice Hall, it took until the 26th minute before the Italians, too, could immortalize themselves on the scoreboard. Germany has already scored 5 times at this point. Of course, the victory over the Italians, who were fighting against relegation, was not in danger again. After Italy was behind 1:8 in the meantime, Southerners are still making some cosmetics. After a fourth straight win, the Germans are heading to the quarter-finals. Only the opening match against Canada has lost so far. Germany’s last group match will be against Switzerland on Tuesday, and Kazakhstan awaits on Sunday.

Kazakhstan 3-4 Slovakia – For their part, the Central Asian team is still in the relegation zone in Group A. After beating Canada 6-3, the Kazakhs also scored three goals against Slovakia, but again failed to score points in the fifth game. The Slovaks fell 2-1 in the starting period but made the difference in the middle of the period. Martin Vervari and Adam Liska (both within 5 minutes of a penalty against the Kazakh) and Juraj Slavkowski (per penalty) made it 4-2 in less than 5 minutes. Double scorer Kirill Banyukov could only shorten it.

group b

Great Britain 0-6 Finland – As expected, the Finns had no problems in the match against the bottom of the table in Tampere. Against the offensively harmless Britons – only 4 goals were scored in the entire session – two goals in every third was enough for the North to secure victory. With Valtteri Vilpola (Geneva) and Tony Rajalla (Bill), two players from the National League have also scored for the Finns.

Latvia – Austria 4: 3 nP – After previous attractive performances against fellow candidates in a duel against Latvia, who were previously tied on points, Austria may have missed out on an opportunity to have a say in the quarter-final struggle. The coaching staff surrounding Swiss Roger Bader and Arno del Corto managed a 2:2 and 3:3 equation against the Balts and forced an extension. But in the penalty shootout, Latvia secured the extra point. Austria is three points behind the Czech Republic, which is currently in fourth place with a game in hand. Next up in the Rot-Weiss-Rot are the still undefeated Finns.

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