December 6, 2023

French regional airport: Quimper is considering downgrading to an airport after the end of scheduled flights

The small French airport loses its last scheduled connection. Now Kemper is threatened with its end as a commercial airport.

It was a huge blow to Quimper Brittany Airport. He displays a picture of the French capital on his website. But this is the last remaining line of communication. Regional airline Chalair will stop flying from Paris Orly to Breton at the end of November.

There seems to be little hope of getting regular flights again at Quimper. The regional airport is considering moving from a commercial airport to an airport, Jean-François Garric, president of the airport operator, said in an interview with Ouest France newspaper.

Have not decided yet

The decision has not been taken yet. “We are trying to find the best possible solution,” said Garrick, who is also president of the Breton Chamber of Commerce. But one of them is also the closure of the airport for economic reasons. This means that he has to provide fewer services and can reduce costs.

There is also a similar discussion in Germany. In the fall, Hesse’s then Minister of Transport, Tarek El Wazir, thought aloud about whether Kassel Airport should be downgraded to a simple commercial airport again. But he also received criticism for it

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