French police prevent 600 immigrants from crossing the English Channel

In distress: Immigrants rescued by Coast Guard
Image: dpa

Immigrants are trying to cross the English Channel illegally to get to England. Over Easter weekend, French police stopped more than 600 people from crossing and rescued those trapped in the shipwreck.

D.He blocked more than 600 English canals from entering Great Britain illegally last weekend in northern France. The French National Police announced in Calais on Tuesday that 11 kidnappers had been arrested. In addition, crossing boats and equipment were protected.

According to the Maritime Prefecture, 72 migrants were rescued from distress at sea between Friday and Saturday night. Rescue ships carried them to the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer.

According to the British Home Office, more than 28,500 people sailed across the English Channel to Great Britain in small boats last year. According to reports, nearly 8,500 people crossed the English Channel in 2020, and only about 1,800 left in 2019. Last year, French security forces rescued more than 8,600 migrants from the sea.

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