October 3, 2023

Freiburg DISConnection team for the first time in the World Cup - SWR Sport

Freiburg DISConnection team for the first time in the World Cup – SWR Sport

Ultimate Frisbee is a thriving sport. In July, the World Championships will be held in Cincinnati (USA). Participant for the first time: the Freiburg mixed team “DISConnection”.

What exactly is Ultimate Frisbee? Simply put, it is somewhat similar to American football. Two teams, each of seven people, compete against each other on a rectangular court with an end zone at each end. The goal is to catch the frisbee in the opponent’s end zone, but you are not allowed to run the game device in your hand. So it should always be mounted – and only on top. This means a lot of legal work to provide transit stops for those who have Frisbee. The defending team also has to walk a lot. The goal is to intercept the disc or block passes – all without contact.

But in addition to the sports personality, Ultimate Frisbee focuses on the situation. It is a sport that stems from values ​​and symbolizes values. The “soul”, i.e. the soul, is very important, and this also means that things are “fair”. ‘Equality’ is lived on the court, and directional sport is said to be ‘stressful’.

That’s why there is always a “spirit” rating in addition to the points rating in the major tournaments. “You evaluate the spirit of the other team in different categories, ie mistakes, fair play, communication and positive behaviour,” says Philip Stefan, team spirit leader for Freiburg, in an interview with SWR Sport.

Qualified for the World Cup for the first time

All this we live in Freiburg with the “DISConnection” team – and since 1988. The disc athletes from Breisgau have not been so successful this year. He successfully qualified for the World Championship in Ultimate Frisbee for the first time. This happens from 23. – 30.07. in Cincinnati (USA).

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Extra layers for the big goal

In order to prepare for the international stage, additional shifts have already been held in Freiburg. “In addition to training, we all go to the gym or train at home. Many drink little or no alcohol,” says Magdalena Fry. “Pay attention to feeding and sleeping a lot,” adds her teammate, Stephan.

All this should pay off in the United States at the end of July. Freiburg team travels across the pond with a total of 24 players. Class uses not only the best, but everyone else. So the internal ‘soul’ classification is correct. Now it just has to operate internationally.