June 21, 2024

Freezing is part of it for football players

Freezing is part of it for football players

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While the NFL was on the hot stage, the Division Two team in Bad Homburg begins training. The signature of an important player has already been confirmed.

Bad Homburg – Your favorite sport in sub-zero temperatures is no longer a picnic. But when it comes to NFL fame and glory, no temperature is too cold for players. At an inhumane temperature of minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 14.4 degrees Celsius), the Buffalo Bills played their wildcard game against the New England Patriots over the weekend – and left 70,000 fans at Highmark Stadium not far from the Canadian border in scorching warmth 47:17 Your heart for victory .

In January and February, soccer cracks in the United States tremble and sometimes freeze on the field, while soccer fans around the world cheer in cozy living rooms at screens to see who makes it to the Super Bowl in the playoffs — the next being February 13th in Los Angeles — creates. Maximilian Schwartz, president of Bad Homburg Sentinels, keeps his fingers crossed for the L.A. Rams and after 34:11 Tuesday night against the Arizona Cardinals is still hopeful his favorite team will make it to the Super Bowl at home.

Prior to that, Schwartz had wrapped up the warmth for his soccer team. The League Two Sentinels team met on the artificial turf pitch at Northwest Sports Center to begin training.

Line up at 6°C

“He is fortunate,” says Schwartz, who, as the club’s founder, has held various positions with “Wächter” and also wants to work as an offensive coordinator next season, “fortunately the matches did not start for us until the fall.” At 6°C yesterday, basic training was announced for the first time. This means that this state was first created in order to prepare for the season in GFL 2. The guards now meet there every Monday and Thursday at 8pm. Schwartz reveals with a wink that about 40 players of the 70-man squad will never catch a cold, the players will complete a certain workload in terms of running.

Ralph Ketmer (in blue) coaches the defensive back.

© Bad Homburg Sentinels

The longer the days, the more the face of the team changes, for which Schwartz is responsible along with defensive coordinator “rookie” Andreas Hooke. Hawk was still in charge of the defensive line in season one, which finished the guards team fourth in GFL Southern Group 2. So for part of the defensive lineup (eleven players total).

Rashad Green: NFL Games for Jaguar

In the meantime, it has already been decided who should lead the defense at the start of the season for newly promoted Gießen Golden Dragons (May 21-22). With Rashad Green, the club has brought a familiar face back to Spa City. The 30-year-old American decided to join the Sentinels again despite several offers from Europe.

The experienced defensive back was one of the best defenders in the GFL 2 South with six interceptions (crossing balls) and a return touchdown (having broken the opponent, carrying the ball across the field to the end zone). Green was under contract to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL from 2015 to 2018.

Back in Bad Homburg in May: Former NFL professional Rashad Green.

© Bad Homburg Sentinels

“Rashad has integrated not only into the team in terms of sport, but above all as an individual,” Schwartz says, looking forward to further collaboration. The 27-year-old from Ober-Eschbach does not attribute the move to negotiation skills, but rather to the fact that the player really wanted to return to Bad Homburg. “It would give our defense a lot of security and he was like a big brother to the other players you could always turn to,” says fellow coach Hawk, looking forward to the American player.

Guards: A great revolution is at hand

Another signature is wide receiver Daniel Clare of regional division club Fighting Farmers Montabaur. Meanwhile, Schwartz revealed that they are in promising talks with about 15 potential newcomers. There will be more changes in the team than in previous years. Many players who have been there for a long time have reached their limits in the second Bundesliga and can no longer juggle their job with the time-consuming amateur sport. According to Schwartz, more attention will be paid to quality than quantity when forming the team, which, by the way, not a single player reached the expanded circle of the German national team in the national tests. As for the preparatory units, the club, which is no more than seven years old, remains true to itself: in theory, anyone can participate. We welcome new players who dare to play full contact sports.

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Guards: Who will be the new quarterback?

It cannot be ruled out that Sentinels passes could be played by an American as well. As far as the all-important full-back position is concerned, it’s clear that the team planners around Schwartz want to take a closer look. Signed in pre-season, Gabriel Cunningham has proven to be an exceptional talent on the field, but also as a self-promoter off the field. Cunningham completed only three matches.

For the remainder of the season, the Rangers’ forces backed down from established forces. Backup Jasper Small can no longer complete the training workload due to work. Schwartz says that Leon Ritz from his youth has everything a good midfielder needs, but he also has to gain experience at a young age in order to be able to lead a team.

Who will be the midfielder in the future: It is very likely that he will only train when the weather is warmer again. Anyway, Rashad Green won’t be at the spa until May. But even then, a man rarely freezes. Lives in Florida.