October 5, 2023

Free Xbox games in June

Free Xbox games in June

Games with Gold is part ofXbox Live GoldThis subscription allows you to play online with friends on your Xbox. In addition to the free games, you also get 50 percent off select games in Microsoft a store. Like every month, there are many free games that will be phased out with “Games with Gold” in June. Here you can find out exactly what games are included and what’s behind them.

Now Free: Avene Colony

In Avene Colony you travel to a distant planet Avene Prime. Your task is to make the planet habitable for humanity. This includes, from small settlements to mega cities to take care of your residents. Avene Prime is not an easy planet to colonize. Instead, it’s just crowded here Possible dangers The planet itself covers a whole range of different biomes and landscapes. Life here isn’t easy, but you can make it worth living. Always monitor the needs of your residents and ensure adequate air supply, WaterFood and happiness. The game is available for free from June 1 to June 30 and can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Avene Colony – Build the first extraterrestrial human settlement on the planet Avene Prime.

Also free: Project Highrise – Architect Edition

In this high-flying game, you yourself become the architect of a vast city. New York and Dubai need caution, because there is almost no limit to your desire to rise in “Project Highrise: Architect’s Edition”. Build the skyscraper of your dreams, but remember that building a skyscraper is only the beginning. After all, massive buildings also want to be inhabited and quickly form their own ecosystem that must be mastered. You are a challenge homegrown? If so, the game will be available to you for free starting June 16th. It will remain available until July 15 and can be played on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Xbox 360 Games With Gold: Super Mate Boy

“Super Meat Boy” is now a true classic. Almost everyone has already seen many videos in which players despair of this game. Fast-paced levels require quick feedbackBecause that’s the only way to avoid the saws and syringes that want to stop you. Your goal in this game is to save your true love. Jump through over 300 difficult levels And fight many bosses to achieve your goal. Super Meat Boy is available for free from June 1 to June 15. Thanks to backwards compatibility, it can be played not only on Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, but also on Xbox 360.

Super Mate Boy with toys with gold
Super meat boy fight your way through many challenging levels.

Xbox 360: Rascules

Raskulls is another challenging platform game. Play alone or online with friends and work your way through more than 60 levels. Use your magic wand to smash the blocks that get in your way. You can also fill in the madness bar and thus increase the speed of the game again. The mission of the game spans three chapters and it is definitely not boring. This game is totally crazy and perfect for a relaxing evening alone or with friends. This game can also be played on Xbox 360, among other things, but of course it is also available on newer consoles. It’s available for free through Games with Gold from June 16 to June 30.