Free time: Gardening while standing: Simply build a table bed yourself

Even if you don’t have problems with your back or knee joints: gardening is stressful, and bending over hurts over time. A bunk bed could be a solution. Hessian Garden Academy explains how garden enthusiasts build their own table beds:

The table bed consists of a plantable wooden tub and six legs underneath. For a hobby gardener 1.75 m tall, the whole construction is best with a total height of 90 cm, of which 67.5 cm form the legs under the sink.

The depth of the basin is about 20 cm – so there is enough room for the roots of the plants. It is important that the aquarium is stable enough – in this example it can easily weigh up to 400 kg with soil.

It must be stable

A fixed pool liner is placed in the tub, which is loosely placed and secured to the rim by a rod. As with all ships, it is important to have gravel drainage, ensuring that irrigation and rainwater runoff properly. Wool is placed on top of it and only then has the ground.

Bonus tip: make a drain at the bottom of the tank, similar to the one on the sink. (Dpa)

The plan to establish Hesian Garden Academy

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