June 14, 2024

Free Christmas Games: With these free games, you won’t get bored during the holidays

Free Games: You can download these games for free

You can play these free games during the Christmas holidays on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X / S, but also on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox One.

You can play these games for free during the Christmas holidays. (Source: Epic Games, 505 Games, 1047 Games, EA)

Whether you have one PS5 Received as a gift or already have one Xbox X/S Players have one thing in common, regardless of platform. There is a lot of free time at Christmas time.

Abstract Christmas gifts from wallets free games More than welcome. That’s why we’ve put together a small list of free games that we recommend.

Fall guys

Colorful, silly and playable on almost all platforms – that’s how it’s done Fall guys Describe. Fall Guys is free for Nintendo SwitchAnd PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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In different rounds, you try to cross the setup obstacles without falling over, but with moving beams, spring-loaded boxing gloves, and all sorts of other traps, that’s easier said than done.

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Fall Guys also has team modes where you can team up with friends or family to compete against other teams. Thanks to cross play, it doesn’t matter which platforms you play with each other.

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