February 28, 2024

Free baseball broadcast starts April 8 › ifun.de

Free baseball broadcast starts April 8 › ifun.de

As for the live baseball broadcast announced as part of the “Peek Performance” event, which Apple wants to present in the future via its Apple TV+ live-streaming platform, the company is now more specific.

Balloon audition for more commitment?

The new program element “Friday Night Baseball” will begin airing on April 8th and then accompany Major League Baseball (MLB) matches over a 12-week period.

Friday’s two broadcasts are Apple’s first experiences with live sporting events and are a rehearsal that could be followed by a large-scale expansion. American football, soccer, Olympics and other live sporting events fit into Apple’s family-friendly concept and will greatly enhance the broadcast offering, which is otherwise prepared with an easy-to-control catalog. However, Apple has to wait for the broadcasting rights to expire in many regions so that it can bid for it itself.

Apple’s offer to broadcast baseball is eagerly awaited, which will include not only pure games but also before and after coverage and exclusive commentary. In the long run, Apple wants to show other games from the regular season in addition to the Friday matches, but detailed information on this is still waiting.

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Germany is not among the starting regions

The show, which is free for now (initially, baseball broadcasts will not require a current Apple TV+ subscription) will be available starting the following Friday from the United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico and has allowed Puerto Rico, South Korea, and the United States to exit the kingdom.

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Apple does not (yet) offer German users access to 24 encounters, and the streaming rights are said to cost Apple $85 million annually.