December 10, 2023

Free Apps for iOS and Android: Featured Apps for Free Download

Free Apps for iOS and Android: Featured Apps for Free Download

It’s the weekend and you are bored with your smartphone? Then you’ve come to the right place, because NextPit shows you free apps for iOS and Android. In addition to the apps, you will also find mobile games in our lists that you can download for free on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Did you already know that there are discount campaigns in the AppStore as well as in the Google Play Store? Paid apps are offered for free for a certain period of time so you can install them without risk. To find them, we not only search AppStores for your smartphones, but get tips from sites like MyDealz or apps like AppsFree.

advice: Did you find an interesting app that you can’t use at the moment? Install it anyway and then delete it from your smartphone. This way, the app becomes part of your app library and you can reinstall it for free if needed. Great way to avoid missing out on a promotion!

Free Android apps and mobile games in Google Play Store

These apps are currently free on the Google Play Store

  • Bookmarks manager (0.69€Bookmark Manager app allows you to save bookmarks regardless of browser
  • Phone Booster Pro (€ 9,99): Use this application to improve the performance of your smartphone, including speed, battery life and more
  • smart navigation bar (0.69 EUR): This app turns your standard Android navigation bar into a cool navigation bar with awesome slideshows, animations, and power bar
  • QR and Barcode Scanner PRO (1,99€): If you don’t have a QR code scanner or barcode reader on your smartphone yet, download this app – we have one here separate article for you
  • brightness manager (0.69€): With this app you can adjust the brightness level of any app
  • Vault Pro . Card (0.89€): A perfect application to secure your credit cards so that you can access them at any time
  • mAh Pro . battery (0.89€): This battery manager provides easy access to a lot of information about your device, including the current battery status and performance;
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These mobile games are currently free on the Google Play Store

  • Over the bridge for professionals (1,89€): Play against multiple players on one device, customize your own little ninja and choose from several levels of difficulty – the perfect game to challenge family members, other people or friends
  • Castle Defender Premium (0,59 euros): Shoot your enemies and summon your legendary heroes, upgrade them and awaken them in this tower defense game
  • House 2048 (0.69 EUR): A puzzle game in which you have to put identical blocks together to complete the next level of furniture and home improvement
  • Words around the PRO (2,09 euros | Valid until November 6, 2021): An exciting word game for all ages with 6 different game modes in which you can challenge players from all over the world
  • Brick Breaker Pro (4.19 €): This game for Android is a perfect puzzle game to have fun. You have to destroy balls with blocks, it’s easy!
  • fractal space hd (2,39 euros): a puzzle adventure game in which you have to jump over lasers, avoid terrifying saws and then make your way out of the space station
  • infinite puzzle (4,49€): A puzzle where the goal is to connect all the rows to reach the next level

Free iOS Apps in the AppStore

These iOS apps are currently free in the AppStore

  • Block distracting websites (€3,49): With this app, you can block websites in Safari browser that distract you a lot
  • size with speed (€ 5,49): A smart tool for drivers: with “sound by speed”, the music volume increases automatically when you move faster
  • Weather and rain radar and alarms (5,49 euros ): One weather appDisplays an animated radar image with real-time weather conditions and forecasts for any location in the world
  • Swift Miles (€ 5,49This app is developed for business customers and Rideshare drivers and simplifies trip logging with automatic trip detection, automatic mileage counting and even automatic trip categorization based on your previous trips
  • System activity monitors (1,09€): This smartphone health monitoring app tracks memory usage, battery performance, device information such as IP address and provides tips on how to improve your smartphone health;
  • Organizer (1,09€): Fun and incredibly easy to use to-do list app with a super simple interface, seamless cloud sync, and “location-based reminders” so you never miss a task
  • Simple zazen timer (2,29€): This application helps you to meditate better
  • Fashion story (1,09€): Impress your friends by adding quotes, stickers and filters to your photos to give a special touch to your photos and videos.
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These mobile games are currently free in the AppStore

  • comet crash (€3,49): The objective of this game is to control the comet and make it fly over the path. It’s more complicated than it looks!
  • Teach your monster to read (€ 5,49The award-winning phonics and reading game has helped millions of children learn to read. The application is widely used in kindergarten, primary school, kindergarten and primary school as an interactive teaching tool
  • Antistress (2,29€): This game is perfect for entertaining yourself while you wait or to de-stress your fingers with satisfying mini-games
  • Fantastic IQ test (€ 5,49): Test your IQ by answering all questions based on official IQ tests
  • Crystal Cove (2,29€): A nice puzzle game where you have to arrange the crystals according to their color
  • legends adventurer (1,09€): A very exciting Diablo-like RPG with lots of random maps. Recruit workers, manage your shop, and lead your team to battle for glory in this chaotic world
  • Twisty Ball Racing Games 2019 (€10,99): a ball game in which you have to avoid deadly obstacles on a curvy and dangerous road while performing breathtaking jumps and collecting coins
  • Atlantis Trails (€3,49): Guide your hero through underwater mazes by rotating tiles.

How do you find our latest free apps list? If you find an app that is no longer free, please let us know in the comments! Unfortunately, it is not always clear how long a promotion is valid.