Fraud Accusations Against Chancellery: The University of Giessen Examines Doctoral Thesis of Helge Brown – Knowledge

Giessen University is examining whether Chancellor Helg Brown (CDU) violated scientific standards in his 2007 doctoral thesis. As the university announced Thursday, allegations of “possible interactions with other scriptures” are being investigated.

These allegations were reported to the university by an individual at the end of January 2021. In addition to overlapping with other literature, the review also pertains to “relationship to a previously published publication with Professor Dr. Helge Brown as co-author,” as stated in the report. “The person in question also asked JLU to review these allegations,” the university said. The newspaper “Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung” had previously reported.

It is not yet possible to know the extent of the allegations and the number of agencies involved. Unlike the cases of Franziska Giffey, Annette Schavan, or Ursula von der Leyen (the latter being Braun Medizinerin), there are no publicly available documents from plagiarism experts.

Nothing is known about the extent of these claims

Upon request, the University of Giessen has provided no additional information other than its official notice about exactly what is meant by “interference with other texts” and “relationship to a previously published publication” with Brown as co-author.

It is possible that the first allegation relates to non-distinctive acquisitions of foreign texts, i.e. plagiarism. The latter may imply that Brown is assumed to have included an essay written with another author in his thesis without explicitly referring to his colleague’s contribution.

The chancellor’s minister and head of the CDU Gießen district association personally commented on the allegations on Twitter. At my request, the university is also verifying reference to a previous partial publication of results from me and other authors in relation to my theses, ”Brown wrote Wednesday evening.

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Brown said as well as Gießener Allgemeine Zeitung that he “was convinced of the scientific value of my work and the medical knowledge gained through it”.

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