February 28, 2024

France's 12 presidential candidates and what they want for Europe

France’s 12 presidential candidates and what they want for Europe

Although none of the French presidential candidates have spoken out about France’s exit from the EU, there are clear differences between their constituencies.

MEP Yannick Jadot, who is running for the Green Party, is proposing greater European integration, while the far-right candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan is proposing to replace the union with the community of free nations.

12 What do French presidential candidates think about the EU?

Nathalie Arthaud – Lutte Ouvrière (Workers’ Struggle)

The far-left candidate in his plan refers to Europe as a “weak institution” but does not specify what the party proposes for Europe.

The candidate declares that he dreams of a “truly united and fraternal Europe” of a “European Socialist United States” without capitalism.

According to them, Europe must be infinite and allow the free movement of immigrants.

Philip Bhutto – Novio Party Anticapitalist (New Anti-Capitalist Party)

A short paragraph on Poutou’s project is dedicated to Europe. Like Nathalie Arthaud, Poutou’s far-left party wants a Europe of “workers and people.”

He views the EU’s policy of migration as “xenophobic” and respects open borders, the best possible reception for migrants and the right to asylum.

Poutou was a general opponent of European security and left the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Jean-Luc Mélenchon – La France Insoumise (Inclusive France)

Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, on the far left, says many European agreements and policies are inconsistent with his plan, including free trade agreements against environmental protection.

The plan says it will implement the party plan nationally, despite violating EU rules.

He supports efforts to make the EU more democratic, greener, and more welcoming to immigrants. His positions include the abolition of the Dublin Regulation, the introduction of the European Citizens’ Referendum and the minimum wage at the European level.

His plan calls for EU member states to return their financial sovereignty, with provisions limiting the budget deficit to 3 percent of GDP and 60 percent of debt. Mélenchon is against NATO and a common European defense.

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Fabian Russell – Party Communist Franchise (Communist Party)

Fabien Roussel does not have a specific section on Europe in his report. Most of his proposals on foreign policy and other issues have been compiled.

Many of the party’s proposals are close to Mலlenchon’s party proposals, including the rejection of some free trade agreements and the Dublin regulation.

Russell wants to repeal the rule that limits the budget deficit to 3% of GDP and the minimum corporate tax rate of 25%.

The party wants 6% of the GDP of EU member states to be spent on climate and social issues. He also supports leaving NATO.

Yannick Jodot – European Ecology Leswerts (The Greens)

Jodhpur’s plan aims to strengthen the EU through measures to make it more democratic and easier to make decisions. He suggests that some decisions can be made not only unanimously, but by a qualified majority of member states.

Jadot proposes that EU commissioners be elected by the MEPs and that he wants to strengthen the EU budget by allocating 1% of each member state’s GDP.

In the environment, he proposes a $ 200 billion public investment plan for climate change in 10 years, and wants 50% of the EU’s multi – year budget to go to climate and biodiversity. He also supports a new environmental agreement.

Anne Hidalgo – Socialist Party

Although Hidalgo opposes some of the EU’s current policies, such as the EU’s Stability and Development Agreement, he says Europeans must “unite, work together and not back down from their respective national borders.”

Central to Hidalgo’s plan are the principles of social justice.

According to him, the European agenda should include a common minimum wage, gender equality, a tax on financial transactions, a minimum corporate tax rate of 15% and greater control over tax havens. Hidalgo says trade agreements should be linked to social and environmental criteria.

In the area of ​​migration, he supports the reform of the Dublin Regulation to strengthen solidarity among member states while combating irregular migration.

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He proposes to further democratize the EU, for example, giving the European Parliament the opportunity to change the multi-year budget.

Emmanuel Macron – La Republic My March! (Republic Forward)

Presidential elections are taking place while the current president, Emmanuel Macron, is the president of the European Union. His plan sets out his assessment of Europe, including the recovery plan.

Macron supports economic growth that goes hand in hand with social and environmental measures, including carbon tax on glass borders (ban on imports that do not meet European standards), and advocates for an order on minimum wage and wage transparency in EU borders. And gender equality.

According to Macron, the EU’s “strength” must be achieved through reform in the Schengen area, which also provides a means of emergency support on the EU’s outer borders.

He spoke in support of General European Security. Macron also proposes six months of European community service for those under 25.

The outgoing president also recommends upgrading European infrastructure such as the cloud, a metawars or a satellite galaxy.

Valérie Pécresse – Les Republicains (The Republican)

Right-wing candidate Valérie Pécresse has called for Frontex to strengthen shared borders by “hiring an additional 10,000 border guards.”

He also supports a European security force affiliated with NATO. He wants to introduce carbon tax on priority and boundaries for European companies.

He calls for the transformation of Europe into a continent that is proud of its history, its roots and its culture, by putting an end to the culture of destruction.

Jean Lassalle – Resistons! (Protest!)

Center-right candidate Jean Lassalle’s proposals for the EU are harsh, vague and move towards greater national sovereignty for member states.

He demands that national parliaments be able to debate and vote on all laws of European descent.

Laos wants to revoke the European Commission’s representation of France in the negotiations for “international investment protection agreements”.

He also supports France’s withdrawal from NATO.

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Marine Le Pen – Rosssembled National (National Assembly)

The far-right politician Marine Le Pen’s plan does not devote a single chapter to the EU, and the proposals spread to other topics.

Although leaving the EU was not on the party’s agenda, Le Pen said he was in favor of reforms and the formation of a European alliance instead of the EU.

National sovereignty is at the center of the party’s proposals on Europe, including the primacy of national law over European law through a referendum amendment to the Constitution.

Le Pen proposes to introduce border controls to better monitor migration and reform Schengen so that EU citizens can cross the border more easily. He also wants to simplify EU standards for small businesses and farmers.

Nicolas Dupont-Aignan – Debout la France (Stand up France)

The far-right candidate Nicolas Dupont-Aignan wants to transform the EU with a community of “free nations.” He advocates for a “federal, flexible and active European system of nations.”

“The combination of crises, problems and injustices that are being blamed today (EU) is pushing Europe into an unacceptable situation that must emerge as soon as possible if it does not want to perish,” he said.

He proposes to suspend the current contracts that regulate Schengen.

Eric Gemmore – Reconqued! (Recapture)

Extreme right-wing television personalities like Eric Gemmore, Lassalle and DuPont-Aiken want to create a “Europe of nations”.

He wants member states to better control their borders and support the construction of walls on Europe’s outlying land borders.

He supports the primacy of national law over European law and the EU only intervenes in issues that cannot be controlled nationally.

Zemmour opposes further expansion of the block and any new free trade agreement.

In one coding plan, he wants to ban the hoisting of the European flag without the French flag on public buildings.