July 12, 2024

France was defeated by England and Germany in the first half of the year

France was defeated by England and Germany in the first half of the year

The French “Gokoriko” period will be short-lived. In 2020, France overtook Germany for the first time in French history in a fundraising competition for start-ups in Europe (5.24 billion euros against 5.39 billion euros). It suffices to be official, to the satisfaction of the government.”The first innovation of the European Union was the ecosystem“Although the UK is out of the European Union, it is a European country, even before the German Minister of State for Digital Change, Katrick O’Brien.

! He returned to the field six months later. Venture Capital Air Rating was published on Wednesday 1 September by EY consultancy: in the first half of 2021, France was -5.14 billion euros in six months, +90% annually – and France lags more clearly, and not just the United Kingdom ( Six €16.44 billion per month, +243% per year), but again from Germany (€7.83 billion, +298%). With France having a better semester and approaching its 2020 total in six months, the two neighbors are doing better. “In the French technique, the sun shines brighter, but it is clear that it shines more with our neighborsFrank Seback, partner at EY and author of the report, sums it up nicely.

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Covit-19 Trombay-L . Oil

Why the French performances, which are already so beautiful, because of the performances of their neighbours? If you ask La Tribune, writer Frank Sepak sees this as a result of the economic crisis caused by the government-19, which in 2020 affected technology in the UK and Germany more than France. its neighbors across the Rhine.

No European country will be able to absorb the shocks in 2020 like France. Despite the crisis, it helped French startups raise a bit more money in 2020 than in 2019, while Germany lost 14%, second only to the UK in 2021. In the first half, the recovery was very strong all around, But in Germany and Britain, the effect of government control was more logical and more significant,” the analyst explains.

In detail, Germany has overtaken France on almost all fronts: the country of Angela Merkel with investment capital of 3.39 billion euros (less than 100 million operating euros) and 4.44 billion euros. 4.10 billion euros against the euro. Capital growth in venture capital 2.04 billion for France. They certainly don’t play in the same place in the UK. With an investment capital of €6.80 billion, €6.80 billion and a capital growth of €9.64 billion, British start-ups have made three times the profits of France and twice the profits of Germany. A large round of financing.

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France is still delaying the implementation of huge taxes

If Hexagon finally wins, the delay in breaking the last funding lock since its launch last year, i.e. boosting the massive rally to over €100 million (the ninth half of the year), is still real. Germany got 16 mega fortunes while Great Britain got 34 fortunes in six months.

Again, no French newbie likes Europe’s top 10. Content Square Marketing Unicorn is responsible for the largest French financial round of the semester, In May, 408 million euros were raised. Four fundraising campaigns of more than 1 billion yen coming from the top 10 in Europe (4 2.4 billion for the Swedish small tech company Northwold, 1.4 billion for the Swedish fintech Clarna, 1.3 billion for the British private satellite OneWave and 1.1 billion for the UK) in the transportation sector. Overall, the UK and Germany are in the top ten, two against Sweden (two in the top two) and two against the Netherlands.

“The breeding of a new €1 billion master stallion is progressing very quickly,” said Frank Sibo. [startups matures et en hypercroissance, Ndlr]There are also huge lifts after that. France is lagging behind in comparison to the United Kingdom and Germany, which created their own technology sectors before us.

The positive thing about France is that the innovation energy is very strong there. 416 French startups raised funds in the first half of 2021, more than half of the UK (861) but more than Germany (313). After all, as elsewhere, money flows freely to finance innovations. In other words: if Mc-Rhys’s hexagram was late, his initial network would be more robust than in Germany, and would produce faster scales from the other side of the Rhine.

Americans and Asians now) have something to do with going out and appropriating value, they are “running” most of the huge French fortunes and pushing some pretty French bunnies to get under the foreign flag. Dadayku, the French-born data expert, is still in France but raised $400 million under the US flag in August to become a world leader, but that amount can’t be said for France. The same is true of Aircoal, the champion of corporate telephony, which raised $120 million in mega funds in June…but is now headquartered in New York.

“In some areas, French entrepreneurs still think that they have to go to the United States in order to be successful around the world, because there is always a real problem when leaving,” Frank Sibeau said, lamenting the huge challenge. The only solution I see to this is the true Europe of technology,” he pleads.

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Explosion of technology in the world after the government

Because technology is in progress in France, Germany and Great Britain. According to Crunchbase, the first half of the world raised €250 billion, or €100 billion more than the second half of 2020. Of that amount, Europe took nearly €50 billion over that period, which is one-fifth of the global accumulation. Of that $50 billion, nearly $30 billion comes from the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

Britain is also a tectonic dwarf, the giant plate of global technology. So we have to change the way we think. The American camp, the Chinese camp, and Europe must also join forces to create truly global European technology companies.Analyst estimated.

Investors’ attraction to technology isn’t the only cycle. By easing monetary policy by central banks since 2008 and mitigating the shock of the health crisis, money is of course flowing around the world. “By 2020, when global economic activity is almost completely halted, the amount of money circulating within the OECD will increase by 80%. And in 2021, the currency sign will not be cut offFrank Sibaugh says.

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Above all, there has been a real and sustainable paradigm shift in favor of technology since the 19 government crisis. The health crisis has reinforced the underlying thrust of digital transformation, changing all applications – personal, professional, and industrial – all suggesting that this is just the beginning.

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