March 3, 2024

France calls for migration agreements between the European Union and Great Britain

France calls for migration agreements between the European Union and Great Britain

DrFrench Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has called for an immigration agreement between the European Union and Great Britain. This should also lead to the settlement of the refugee dispute between Paris and London. Darmanin said on Sunday that a European treaty would be in favor of resolving the problems of asylum applications, deportations and family reunification. The issue was not taken into account in the Brexit negotiations and will therefore be on the timetable for the French EU Council Presidency, which begins on January 1.

The number of people who arrived on the English coast this year, according to the BBC, has already reached more than 13,000, in the whole of 2020, according to the British Home Office, 8,417 people were counted. According to statistics from the British news agency PA, there were more than 17,000 in 2021 – more than double the number in 2020.

In the past two days, British ships have rescued or arrested more than 1,100 migrants trying to cross the Channel to the UK. On Friday, a total of 624 immigrants were selected in 23 assignments, and on Saturday there were 491 people in 17 assignments. During the same period, French authorities said they had prevented 414 migrants from crossing into Great Britain.

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As announced by Agence France-Presse on Twitter, the French minister also asked London to provide 62.7 million euros agreed in July for border security. A few weeks ago, the British Home Secretary, Priti Patel, indicated that the money could also be withheld if France did not stop smugglers from undertaking more packages. However, according to Darmanin, the Coast Guard has grounded nearly two-thirds of all boats launched in France in the past three months. Before that it was only half.

Darmanin visited Lone Plage and Mark on the French coast on Saturday, where migrants try to cross the English Channel every day to reach England.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin in Lone Plage

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin in Lone Plage

Photo: AFP

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