June 21, 2024


Fox in the footsteps of Zelda – fm4.ORF.at

This indie action-adventure game “Tunic” is a great homage to classic games – with an added bit of mystery.

to Rainer Siegel

Canadian game developer Andrew Shouldis spent seven years working alone on his first game, and now it’s finally over. at Jacket Play as a cute fox who goes on an adventure on a mysterious island.

The isometric view of the beautiful world in soft colors comes from the top diagonally, and there is a lot to discover here: treasure chests, dark caves, strange relics and, above all, mysterious mechanisms. And of course there are cute but dangerous animals, guards and monsters running everywhere.

Zelda says hello

“Tonic” is a classic action-adventure game that fully sticks to the tradition of the early “Legend of Zelda” parts. As in the classics, I collect coins, fight opponents and have to find my way through this highly successful fantasy world.

JacketDeveloped by Isometricorp and distributed by Finji for Windows, Mac, and Xbox.

There is no talk of Tunic, and the game is ambiguous in other ways: I have to guess at first what the strange characters mean that can be seen on the banners and even in the menus and help screens of the game. Most of the game’s mechanics and hints are still easy to understand, but details like this make “Tunic” more mysterious in a sympathetic way.


Old school, freshly packed

Tunic also builds on its example from previous games in terms of difficulty. It’s not clearly a difficult game, but the fights are not entirely trivial, and if I die, I sometimes have to travel longer distances from the save point. At times it is also somewhat unclear where the path continues in a beautiful zigzag world, but overall, the charm of this game quickly overcomes these weaknesses.

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Tunic has become a completely successful and amazingly beautiful game in the style of great gaming classics; It’s old school in the best sense.

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