May 21, 2024

Fourth Swiss in the team competition |  Sports indoors / out

Fourth Swiss in the team competition | Sports indoors / out

Alpine skiing – as the defending champion, Switzerland missed a medal in the World Cup team competition in Cortina d’Ampezzo. Wendy Holdner, Camille Rust, Simil Bessig and Sandro Simone are fourth.

It should have been a view of the cliff. After all the discussion, anger and frustration that had been knocked out by several drivers the day before after the premiere of the parallel singles races at the World Championships, the two team competition sessions were subject to special scrutiny.

The disadvantages of the blue course are no longer so huge. However, there was no equal opportunity issue on Wednesday. Team competition, still struggling for unfettered acceptance 16 years after being included in the World Cup program, has not been able to make new friends – and it has certainly not silenced critics.

The new look, away from the parallel zigzag to the middle thing resembling a giant zigzag, wasn’t convincing. The indication of special conditions with a dilute base due to high temperatures does not outweigh the shortfall.

Without the biggest trump card

At Swiss-Ski Camp, they weren’t bothered by green and blue by the red and blue slopes or by a lack of justice. The lack of understanding of the situation can only be heard among the lines of those most directly affected.

The change in the team’s competition system in the Swiss team could have caused discontent, because the decision to slalom the parallel giant was also a decision against Ramon Zinhussern and Daniel Jol. With Homes Zen, which was the bank in the men’s team and led the team to Olympic gold medal three years ago and to the world title twelve months later, Switzerland lost its biggest guarantee of success.

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Only Wendy Holdner has remained a successful troop in recent major events. Schweizerin also won all of her (three) duels at Cortina d’Ampezzo and expanded her streak in team competitions to 14 victories. The last defeat she had to endure nearly three years ago in the World Cup Final in R against Sweden’s Frida Hansdotter.

Without hundreds of luck

But Wendy Holdener’s accomplishments were insufficient to successfully defend the title or place of the podium like the three convincing trips of the also unbeaten Simil Basig. The three rounds ran according to the same pattern as for the Swiss. The score was 2–2 after victories – also because the damage to Sandro Simonet and Camille Rust in the controversial blue track was too great.

Therefore, the triple clip, which according to the sum of the best singles times for each gender in a tie after victories, should be decisive. In the quarter-finals against Canada, the Swiss national team was better in this respect, in the semi-finals and in the battle for third place, future world champions Norway and Germany were happier by two and twelve hundred, respectively.

Norway beat Sweden 3-1 in the final and thus claimed its first-ever World Cup medal.