November 28, 2023

Fourth place in the team event - Switzerland missed the World Cup medal twice - sport

Fourth place in the team event – Switzerland missed the World Cup medal twice – sport


The Swiss quartet was unlucky at the team event at the World Cup in Cortina. Norway wins ahead of Sweden and Germany.

The highest placements

  • 1. Norway
  • 2. Sweden
  • 3. Germany
  • 4. Switzerland

Switzerland missed the ninth medal in the ninth World Cup decision. Wendy Holdner, Camille Rust, Simil Bessig and Sandro Simonet were defeated in the minor final of the Parallel Event Germany. In the decisive fourth round, Bissig was missing just 12 percent to reach third place.

It would have been more likely for the Swiss national team who triumphed in R in 2019. Yes, even the battle for gold or silver was within reach: in the semi-final duel with Norway, it was a trivial 0.02 seconds that Bissig and Co. The darn two hundredths of a second had already spoiled Loïc Meillard’s final qualification in the parallel race on Tuesday.

In the second round, the Swiss-Ski-Quartet won a farewell after France withdrew. In the quarter-finals, Switzerland narrowly beat Canada.

Norway is the new world champion

Norway was crowned world champion for the first time. The team surrounding Tia Stegernsund, Sebastian Voss-Solivage, Christina Reyes Johansen and Fabian Solheim of Sweden forced her to her knees with a 3-1 victory after kicks.

The duel between Foss-Solevaag and Kristoffer Jakobsen (SWE) was the subject of discussion. Jacobsen is off the slide, apparently to Voss-Soleilvage’s irritation. The Norwegian missed a goal and ignored his hands. Jacobsen brought victory to the end. The race management subsequently decided, however, to repeat the race – with a better end for Norway.

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Austria, which had been one of the top favorites in the run-up to, failed in the quarter-finals. The world record champion in this major pulled the short straw against the Swedes.


Due to the high temperatures, the path was smooth. With each flight, she was affected more. Like the day before, the red track turned out to be faster than the blue one.

This is how things continue in the World Cup

On Thursday, the ladies will compete in the giant slalom. You can follow Round 1 on SRF 2 and in the Sport app from 9:40 am. The decision will be taken at 1:10 in the afternoon. The Giant of Men takes place on Friday (first round 9:40 am, second round 12:50 pm).