Four dancers representing Ajax Eichwalde 2000 in Orlando (USA)

Orlando. “We made ourselves really comfortable with all the athletes from our team at my house in front of the TV and followed the performance of the German team at the ICU World Cheerleading Championship in Orlando in the live broadcast and of course we were really excited,” coach Julia Muskie from Ajax Eichwalde 2000 recalled with a proud chest, because four girls from Her training group took part in the international title fights for the German national team in the USA Shirley Urban, Tessa Weihrauch and Friederike Fitz really showed great performance with their rivals, as a result of which they took an excellent 11th place in the end.

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Fellow coach Julia Mienert was available as a potential replacement at ESPN Sports Complex, but was not used. She wasn’t too sad about it, because she started in April 2016 at the World Championships, also held in Orlando, with her friend Julia Muskie and the Lucky Charms Dance Team from Ajax Eichwalde 2000. “We qualified for this event in Florida in the German Championships. “It was actually the first time there was a national team for the Freestyle Pom category. The best dancers from all over Germany wrote history with it, or set a milestone for our sport,” said Muske.

The number one place is just missing in Orlando

After her performance, she immediately called her pupils. “They were really proud of their performance. Walking the carpet feeling good is very important in our sport. The common goal for the team in Orlando was to finish in the top ten. That plan just fell through. However, they received a lot of praise from the association for their performance,” said the Ajax coach.

Read more after the announcement

19-year-old Tessa Weihrauch couldn’t stop raving after the German team’s performance. “I definitely need more time to really understand the great event I’ve been allowed to be a part of. I wasn’t expecting such a great result up front and unfortunately we only missed one place in the final round. We can really be proud of ourselves. Anyway, it was It’s so much fun being on the rug with the girls.

Julia Musk (Ajax Eichwalde 2000): “Celebrating in Germany is just a hobby”

Frederick Fitz smoothly agreed with her opinion. “I felt unrealistic for me to represent Germany at this World Cup. We trained for a long time for this special year, which ended so quickly. Every drop of sweat and bruise was worth it in these twelve months of preparation to be part of the German team. It was an indescribable feeling for me to dance on the carpet in Orlando. Eleventh place completely exceeded my expectations, ”she evaluated the world championship from her point of view as completely happy and satisfied. In an incredibly strong field of participants, the world championship title went to the hosts of the United States, which was deserved. “This was to be expected, because the dancers rehearse twice a day in this line-up and work in a very directed manner. Cheerleading in Germany is just a hobby,” Muskie says.

The four Ajax dancers also had some sightseeing time in Florida. “Before our performance, we were of course rehearsing a lot and also watched other dance companies. After our performance, we explored big shopping malls, visited alligators in the Everglades from an airboat and also visited some of the world-famous Disney parks in Orlando,” said Weihrauch.

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For the larger club in the Dahme-Spreewald sports district, this was the first time that female fans had entered the national team. “All four are eligible for nomination through a selection process. They not only had to be strong and flexible in the different elements, but also in the choreography,” Muskie said. “In the run-up to the World Championships, the girls always got together once a month, alternating between Berlin and Oberhausen, for joint rehearsals with the other dancers.”

Another important event at Ajax Eichwalde 2000 is already on the agenda for June 10th. “As a whole division, we are going to Hamburg for the summer championship at all levels, which is an open championship. Of course, we also want to present ourselves as best as possible as a club from Dahmeland there,” Muskie declared.

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