Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg calls for a solution!

Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg, 37, has also made a name for himself as an entrepreneur and investor. © Gerald Matzka/Dr

on linkedin The 2016 F1 champion got involved in the fray and delivered a sharp stab at the public broadcaster.

“There is a general discussion that ARD and ZDF only want to pay 2 percent of men’s money for television rights – if this were true, it would become a farce: of course, profitability plays a role – but the conditions here do not correspond to reality, ”so the former contestant .

At the start of his statement, Rosberg first summarized the current situation. Although the Women’s European Championship 2022 attracted many people in front of the TV, FIFA has not yet been able to agree to buy broadcast rights with any German broadcaster.

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Institutions in other countries such as Italy and Great Britain are also hesitant due to unfavorable launch times from a European perspective, and seem unwilling to put the €10m demanded by FIFA on the table.

Therefore, the president of the association Gianni Infantino (53 years old) has recently attracted fans threatened by a TV blackout. “As of today, none of the matches played by the German national team will be shown on TV!” declared the Wiesbaden native.

In 2016 Nico Rosberg (37) became the third Formula 1 world champion. (File photo) © Karim Sahib/AFP

Rosberg then explained his motives, writing: “The recent tournament has caused ecstasy among the crowd – including many young girls. It is a momentum that must be encouraged.”

“I don’t belong directly to football – but as a father of two daughters, equality is particularly important to me, especially in sports,” the German-Finnish continued.

With his racing team “Rosberg X Racing”, he embodies equality and shows “all those who do not yet understand that gender plays no role when it comes to sports performance.”

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In conclusion, the Mercedes driver for a long time pointed to one of them started the petition To the problem and appealed to the parties involved: “Sit down, talk to each other and find a solution! For all of us in front of the TV and especially for the many children for whom this World Cup can be a great inspiration!” Rosberg demanded.

ARD and ZDF paid 218 million euros for the television rights to the 2018 Men’s World Cup in Russia, and 214 million euros for the winter tournament in Qatar.

The current bid for the Women’s World Championship next summer (July 20-August 20) is said to be five million euros.

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