April 23, 2024

Formula 1: The season starts on March 20 - the first grid of the season - Formula 1

Formula 1: The season starts on March 20 – the first grid of the season – Formula 1

Twice in three testing days before the end of the new Formula 1 season. BILD am SONNTAG was always present in the spread and came to an initial conclusion.

Who made the best test impression? Who was the fastest in Barcelona and Bahrain? Who is the hardest job?

The new rules should bring participants closer together and possibly confuse them. Even after 48 hours of testing, teams still don’t really know where they stand – because no team has yet fully shown their cards.

Haas driver Mick Schumacher (22): “It’s about learning from the car and doing it fast. It’s about knowledge and data. It’s not about setting a good time. Nobody does that. It’s all about figuring out problems so we can solve them in the race at the weekend” .

His Haas team made a small leap. No wonder – it could hardly have been worse than last year.

Sebastian Vettel (34) also gives hope. But the most important sign stay away from sports! The four-time world champion started with a helmet bearing the flag of Ukraine.


A favorite of many. But you are at Ferrari itself limiting expectations. I’ve often been a Test champ in the past, but then things got worse in the season. The advantage: They’ve made fewer changes to the car in Bahrain than the competition, are more consistent from the start, and take their time collecting data.


More shaky in Bahrain than Barcelona, ​​Mercedes is having a hard time preparing. Ferrari is currently more stable. Hamilton: “At the moment I don’t think we are going to fight for victories.” Experience has shown that the team solves problems very quickly and can soon become the strongest force again.

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In Bahrain, McLaren could not build on the strong form from Barcelona and did several trials in the desert. However, POLYID works. The team is one of the few racing teams that rarely struggles with vaulting (buntu vaulting).

Red Bull

Unlike the competition, the driver will not be switched between the morning and afternoon sessions. At the end of the day, Verstappen and Pérez always have a three-digit number of laps. Adorable. Only the pace still has room for improvement.


AlphaTauri especially struggles with new cars that jump up and down. A video of Gasly leading a lap, accompanied by heavy metal music, was a huge hit on the Internet. Aside from the shocks, things are going well and the team is cautiously optimistic.

Aston Martin

Exclamation mark on the penultimate day of the test! In the stiffer tire complex, Aston Martin was faster than Hamilton’s at Mercedes. Even if the times are enjoyed with caution. Vettel appears to be happy with the car. There were only minor problems.


In the long run, Alpine wants to compete for wins again. In 2022, that probably won’t be possible on its own. The team said that the tests in Bahrain went according to plan. Ocon feels very comfortable in the car: “We’re slowly starting to understand how the car behaves.”


Williams stunned the competition with little sideways. Strong impression without highlights – were it not for the second day of testing – without any major issues. The rear brake caught fire on Friday and Williams was only able to complete twelve laps.


Haas has repeatedly had to run into technical problems in both tests. When I drove the car, I made a better impression than last year. Exclamation point: Magnussen set the fastest time on Friday. Not a charade, but a ray of hope.

Alfa Romeo

After Alfa Romeo stopped more than driving it in Barcelona, ​​things went much better, especially on the last day of testing in Bahrain. They are the only team that is not overweight in the car, but the minimum weight can increase even more. It will be another blow to the racing team.

This is how Formula 1 works on TV

23 races – more than ever! If you want to see them all, you have to pay for them. Every Grand Prix is ​​broadcast on Sky Pay TV. Since last season, RTL no longer holds the full rights. The Cologne-based private broadcaster shows four selected races on free TV: Imola (Italy), Silverstone (Great Britain), Zandvoort (Netherlands) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).