May 23, 2024

Formula 1 news: Mick Schumacher has a good driving experience in Bahrain |  Formula 1 news

Formula 1 news: Mick Schumacher has a good driving experience in Bahrain | Formula 1 news

Formula 1 newcomer Mick Schumacher again gained plenty of kilometers and experience during his last assignment as part of his test drive in Bahrain. Sebastian Vettel and Aston Martin have once again suffered technical problems, and the performance of the Mercedes World Championship team raises increasing questions.

The 21-year-old Schumacher made 78 laps in Haas on the Sakhir track, with the inaugural race taking place in two weeks, significantly more than one race distance. “It was very fun,” Schumacher said after a total of 181 laps over three days. “We didn’t go many kilometers on the first day, but it kept getting better.” Circumstances I am looking forward to the start of the season. “

Schumacher is in 15th place

Red Bull Max star Verstappen identified the best time of all test drive Sunday at 1: 28.960 minutes – however, just how much should become clear at the start of the season. Schumacher finished 15th, 3,093 seconds behind the Dutchman. However, Schumacher was out in the morning and lunch times when the main focus was on racing simulations.

Like on Saturday, Vettel was forced to watch over an hour due to technical problems. In the daily standings, he was the four-time world champion penultimate, behind only Heppenheimer was teammate Lance Stroll (Canada).

Skye’s Vettel said, “We don’t yet know exactly what was going on. It wasn’t part of the plan. It’s bitter, we’re wasting time. A little bit of conclusion is missing. However, it was very helpful. I can even add,” This also applies to the whole team. “

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Aston Martin and Mercedes below expectations

Aston Martin’s poor performance wasn’t the only negative surprise: permanent world champion Mercedes also lagged behind on the third day. Seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton (England) didn’t even come close to the top in the afternoon, even with the softer tires; ultimately, the Briton finished fifth and was more than a second behind Verstappen.

“It’s better if things don’t go smoothly now than to race,” Hamilton said before leaving on Sunday and tried hard. “I don’t waste time worrying. It keeps you from finding solutions.”

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