June 16, 2024

Formula 1 live tape: Berger wonders: Will Hamilton ever falter?

Formula 1 live tape: Berger wonders: Will Hamilton ever falter?

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Berger: How does Hamilton put everything under one roof?

We start with the question: How long will Lewis Hamilton lead at the highest level? Gerhard Berger asks himself this question, too. In our area Exclusive interview The Tyrolean had spoken to Editor-in-Chief Christian Niemervaul about the future of the British after his contract was extended.

“I think when the end of his career approaches, and that will be the case as well with Lewis Hamilton, then there will be a variety of ideas, over and over again,” says the head of the Displacement Tracking Matrix. He is excited about how the seven-time world champion does his services on the racetrack, while also overseeing many other projects.

Presently, Hamilton is mainly involved in social and political issues (anti-racism movement). He even formed his own committee to get something forward. Berger asks himself: “How long can he put it all under one roof?”

This season it will show whether the 36-year-old is still going strong on the racetrack, or “whether we’ll see Lewis Hamilton falter a little bit at some point”.

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Video Analysis: Scrolling Ranking in F1 2021

Of course, after only three days of testing, it’s extremely difficult to make a choice. My colleague Christian Nimirvoll tried to do this with Kevin Shuren. In the latest release of our Zoom news format, the two revealed their pre-season rankings. Let’s see who gets to be right in the end …

Zoom F1 vodcast: Who will be the world champion in 2021?

Will Mercedes-Hamilton dominate again, or will Red Bull and Max Verstappen keep what they promised during the tests in Bahrain? More Formula 1 videos

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New: Preview of the “Starting Grid” season!

Kevin Scheuren from the Formula 1 podcast “Start Grid” spoke extensively with Editor-in-Chief Christian Nimmerfull and Lisa Hoover of RTL about the new Formula 1 season. In the new edition, the candidates, elected and vulnerable for 2021 have been identified and the opportunities for each team analyzed. A must for every Formula 1 fan!

You can read the new issue on our Formula 1 Radio Itunes Or on meinsportpodcast.de Listen! Enjoy!

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Raikkonen: Alonso will “enjoy” coming back

“I think he will enjoy it,” said colleague Kimi Raikkonen, commenting on the return of former colleague Alonso. Finn took a two-year break (2010, 2011) and then celebrated episodic successes with Lotus and Ferrari.

“Without the break, I definitely wouldn’t sit here today and talk about Formula 1,” Raikkonen smiled in an interview with ‘Sky.’

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After a bike accident: “I was very lucky”

Shortly before the test drives began and in the middle of the season’s preparations, Fernando Alonso briefly kept the Formula 1 scene in suspense due to his bike accident. Asturian had to spend a few days in the hospital and underwent surgery on his upper jaw – he’s been driving the entire season and has two titanium panels in his jaw!

He knows: “I was very lucky. At the moment of the accident, I was worried. Because I was awake [das Comeback] Half of last year waited the entire past. Then suddenly you are hospitalized after a bike accident and you do not know how long it will take for you to recover, ”he says on the BBC. Fortunately, he managed to train again after a week of rest.

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Alonso: I’m better than the competition

We want to communicate with Fernando Alonso right away. The Spaniard has’BBCIn an interesting interview. Although he doesn’t expect “miracles” from the Alps this season, he still wants to be able to fight for victories again next year at the latest. “We want to be one of those teams that surprise everyone.”

But competition is fierce, including between drivers. “There are a few young talents who have performed very well in the junior categories,” says the Spaniard. “Then on the other side there are the champions, with Luis, Sebastian, Kimmy and Verstappen, who, although he belongs to the younger generation, has been racing at the highest level for four or five years.”

It won’t be the job to beat everyone on the track again after a two-year hiatus, the two-time world champion says. When asked if he’s still as good as the competition, he says, “No, I’m better.”

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Review: A Moment of Rising Glory 2001

Let’s take a look at the Grand Prix of Melbourne in 2001. At that time, not only a little-spoken Finn appeared on the net, but also a promising talent from Spain …

Photo Gallery: Melbourne 2001: Rookie Conclusion

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Raikkonen: Formula 1 has changed a lot

Kimi Raikkonen made his Formula 1 debut in Australia 20 (!) Years ago. The Finn will start his 330th race in Bahrain, breaking the record last year. He said in an interview with “Sky”: “Sports has changed a lot in the past twenty years, and some days it is more difficult than others …”.

His contract with Alfa Romeo expires at the end of the year. Will it still be competitive in 2022 when brand new cars are in use? “I think everyone is excited about what is going to happen, but to be honest, that won’t determine whether or not I’m still a race.” But he hopes the rule changes will bring needed changes.

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Haas: Grosjean is now in charge of the esports team

The partnership between Haas and Romain Grosjean did not end after he left for IndyCar, as the Frenchman will manage the esports team for a Formula 1 racing team in the future. That became known today. Grosjean founded his own team (“R8G eSports”) last year.

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Haug: Nobody wants to be my favorite

What can we expect from Mercedes this coming weekend? After all, the driving experiences were not great, the World Championship team got rid of the fewest mileage. However, you are not allowed to write off the Toto Wolf, even if, according to Mercedes engineers, Red Bull is in the lead.

“It’s always a very good step to give the opponent a favorite role,” smiles Norbert Haug in an interview with “Sky” when asked about it. Mercedes did in advance Red Bull has been identified as the nominees, but Bulls once again don’t take that role.

Mercedes had a bad start to the season, but that should make the team even stronger. “As the saying goes: The more a rehearsal doesn’t work, the better the world premiere. It’s good. You might get stuck sometimes, but the likelihood is kinda small.”

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Analysis: Mercedes in trouble or is it all part of a plan?

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Mercedes Sky expert: “Something’s going on there”

Sky Karun Chandhok expert commented on the current situation at Mercedes to Finnish News Agency “There is something going on that you don’t want to tell us.”No.What seems strange to a former race driver: Contract negotiations between Lewis Hamilton and the World Championship team took too long.

“It is not usual for the world champion to be the last driver on the field to sign a contract, and it is not usual for the best Formula 1 team to have a vacancy by January,” said Chandhoek. Above all, it is strange that a clear explanation for this has not been given, according to the expert.

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Video: Gerhard Berger in an exclusive interview!

You can find the full interview with Gerhard Berger here. In it he talks to Christian Niemeyerful not only about the future of Lewis Hamilton, but also about Sebastian Vettel’s chances with Aston Martin or the future of the Red Bull Racing Team!

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G. Berger: Vettel, Mateschitz, and Rosbergs Rente!

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