December 3, 2023

Formula 1 LIVE from the USA: First press conference

Formula 1 LIVE from the USA: First press conference

8:15 pm
Leclerc via Transfers to Austin
Charles Leclerc wasn’t stuck in his hotel room, but somewhere else. Monegasse had to make a detour across New York on her journey. “It wasn’t on purpose.” There was some confusion at Nice Airport which is why Leclerc did not fill out a form. “It doesn’t work anymore,” said the Ferrari driver. Instead, he had to fly over New York and spend a day there.

8:11 pm
Hamilton wants to race in South Africa
Lewis Hamilton supports the expansion of Formula 1 in the United States to two GPs. When asked if he also wanted to support a third race, Hamilton did not respond. Instead, it is suggested that the first class should also hold a race in Africa. “One of the places that should really come back on the calendar is South Africa. We have a great following there and this is going to be an important place because the landscape is so beautiful there.”

8:07 pm
Hamilton’s late
Lewis Hamilton appears to be late in his killing unit with Leclerc. The reason is strange. Apologies for the delay. “I locked myself in my room and didn’t go out.” Austin record winner looks forward to the weekend: “It feels good to be here again. We’ve had a very warm welcome. We always have big crowds and races here.”

8:04 PM
Nice report on COTA experiences
The opening duo wasn’t particularly exciting. Nicholas Latifi shared his first Circuit of the Americas experience when he started in FP1 in 2019. “I drove a lap and a half and then had a technical problem. I still remember him, though, the bumps. In the second turn, I almost lost my car on the first lap.” Round two promises more excitement. This is where Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc answer the questions.

It’s 19:30
PK . starts
The first official Formula 1 drivers’ debut comes this weekend: the press conference begins. As always, there are two drivers at the start at the same time. Yuki Tsunoda and Nicholas Latifi open PK with the first round.

7:23 pm
Survey: sprint races in all GPs? no thanks
The survey among Formula 1 fans has gained some other results in addition to the previously mentioned categories of “most popular driver” and “most popular team”. Unsurprisingly, sprint races are not very popular among fans. In the event of a yes/no vote, the following result emerged: The proposal to introduce sprint races at each event was met with a broad rejection with a score of -43 percent, even if the public with a score of more than 6.7 percent believed that the offer had improved. Success (-27.8 percent) and reverse network (-51.5 percent) weights were also rejected, as did all proposals to artificially improve the presentation.

7:02 PM
Thursday pictures
There is still nothing to report on the road. But next to the course, the cameras are really capturing. We’ve rounded up the best photos yet of Austin’s preparations. Sebastian Vettel trying his hand at basketball, Daniel Ricciardo as a cowboy and Lewis Hamilton celebrating his style in fashion once again.

6:53 PM
Steiner: Mick isn’t planning on NASCAR races
Mick Schumacher’s visit to the NASCAR Cup Series last weekend is no harbinger of Germany’s future participation in the stock car series. This is what Gunther Steiner says. “I rented it to him. He said it was a great experience, but he didn’t ask to drive. We have a very tight schedule that makes drivers happy if they don’t have to drive another weekend.” In addition to the Formula 1 team, Haas is also involved with Stewart-Haas-Racing on the NASCAR team.

6:48 pm
Formula 1: All American Tracks
Austin is the 10th Circuit of Formula 1 in the United States. This is a record! Another team will join Miami in 2022. Below is an overview of all Formula 1 courses in the US.

Formula 1 has started 20 times at Watkins Glen. Nowhere in the USA was he driving first class so often.

6:33 pm
Red Bull: Acura replaces Honda
After Red Bull started with a special decoration last weekend, the Bulls and their sister team at AlphaTauri in the US changed the paint again. Instead of the Honda brand, the two teams are decorated with Acura logos.

6:20 pm
Verstappen’s favorite F1 driver
Formula 1 has published the results of the survey on the most popular drivers on its official website. Max Verstappen received the most votes. 14.4% of users voted for it. Lando Norris and Lewis Hamilton came in second and third, respectively, with McLaren receiving the most votes as the most popular team, ahead of Red Bull and Ferrari.

6:12 PM
Hamilton vs Verstappen: Next round
The duel for the World Cup title goes to the next round. After the major teams have been penalized for an engine change since Monza GP, Mercedes and Red Bull will meet again without penalty. All pivot points ahead of the USA GP in preview.

5:54 pm
Do bumps cause problems?
Steering in the Circuit of the Americas is very popular with drivers. But another aspect of the Texas track has caused problems in the past: bumps. They caused a lot of criticism at the MotoGP race a few weeks ago. Before the Formula 1 race, the FIA ​​announced repair work. A few days ago we dealt with the boring topic. All the details are in the article.

5:45 pm
Ricardo does not visit Schumi’s farm
Mick Schumacher visited NASCAR, but there was no other visit before the US Grand Prix. Daniel Ricciardo was invited to the Schumacher family’s farm in the United States by Schumacher at the Turkish Grand Prix. The Australian did not succeed after all. “Unfortunately he didn’t have time,” Schumacher said.

5:42 pm
Looking forward to the Haas race at home
Looking forward to the weekend, Schumacher said: “I’m looking forward to Austin. It’s a very beautiful racetrack. The team is here and that’s why it’s like racing at home.” The Haas driver was also impressed with the surroundings and the American flair around the Circuit of the Americas.

5:37 pm
Schumacher attended NASCAR races
Mick Schumacher traveled to the US a week before the Formula 1 race and visited a NASCAR race at Texas Motor Speedway last weekend. However, he was not particularly cheerful when he said in a media panel: “It was definitely interesting to see another side. It’s hard to compare with Formula 1, but it was worth the experience.”

Hello from Austin!
It’s been two long years, and now Formula 1 is finally back in the USA! Austin and Circuit of the Americas are celebrating their big comeback, and we’ll be there live as always, starting today with the press conference with all the drivers. It starts at 7:30pm, and you won’t miss anything here on the pointer. So that you are always available for the rest of the weekend at unusual times, we also have our schedule:

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