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Formula 1 is heading towards a captivating conclusion. Lewis Hamilton wins in Qatar. Max Verstappen is under pressure. There are only two races left.


11/22/2021 | Status: 8:23 AM

Max Verstappen’s overall lead in Formula 1 has been reduced to eight points. Champion Lewis Hamilton lurks after his sovereign victory on Sunday in the desert state of Qatar ahead of the final two races of the season. After a week’s break, things could turn more dramatic in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi than they have been for a long time. The two stars of the scene are ready to fight to the last metre.

At his best on time: Lewis Hamilton can enter the end of the season full of self-confidence

Two consecutive wins come at just the right time. After his crazy trip in Brazil, success in Qatar was never in danger. Hamilton dominated the top like in the best of times thanks to the perfectly coordinated car. “I am very optimistic about the upcoming races,” the 36-year-old Briton said happily. “It should fit our car.”

If he still beats Verstappen, he would be the only world record champion with eight titles and would have beaten Michael Schumacher.

Suddenly it’s back again: Max Verstappen can’t keep up with Hamilton’s Mercedes’ speed

Even without a penalty kick in place, it would have been difficult for the 24-year-old Dutchman to be at the same level with the reigning champion for so long. While Mercedes continually worked to improve the car, this time Red Bull failed to create an ideal setup for the car and weakened. “We want to come back stronger in Saudi Arabia and then see what’s still possible in Abu Dhabi,” Verstappen said. (Read also: This is how Max Verstappen actually took the title of world champion in Saudi Arabia)

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The old man can still do it: Fernando Alonso returns to the podium after seven years

The former world champion (2005 and 2006) was very elated after taking third place in the race car for the French Alpine team near Doha. “I set myself a goal to be back as leader from the first lap thanks to the soft tyres,” the Spaniard said with a smile. The 40-year-old from third on the grid couldn’t make it, but eventually he was able to celebrate again. “I am very happy for the whole team,” he said. (Also read: ‘Couldn’t be better’: Jaeger travels from roller skates to Finland in yellow)

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