December 3, 2023

Formula 1 - Gunther Steiner finds clear words against Haas critics

Formula 1 – Gunther Steiner finds clear words against Haas critics

Munich/Imola – The 2022 season has been more than satisfactory for Haas so far. Although coach Gunther Steiner’s side had no points in Australia, Kevin Magnussen scored points in both Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Thus, Haas is ranked seventh in the team rankings, after finishing last season.

But the outcry of Magnussen and Mick Schumacher is now the focus of the opponents. As reported by “Auto, Motor und Sport”, three teams want an FIA investigation because Haas is very similar to Ferrari, which is currently the fastest car in the field.

Gunther Steiner responds to criticism

Haas chief Steiner disputed the allegations. “Sometimes there are laws in the rules that don’t work for you and so you can’t change them,” he told Britain’s Metro.

Steiner: “When Mercedes won eight titles in a row, they had a strong engine. Good for them, they did a good job.” According to Steiner, no one came and asked to change the engine rules.

Above all, he criticizes that the accusations only come because Haas has suddenly become a serious danger on the track again: “If we’re good, they call our car ‘White Ferrari’ – if we’re bad, these comments don’t come. I think that’s ridiculous.” Steiner also hopes the other teams are “green with envy,” because then he’ll know the team is doing well.

Teams want to investigate Haas

South Tyrol also referred to a statement by Toto Wolff. “Anyone who does a good job should be acknowledged and not questioned,” said the Mercedes team boss. “That’s why we have to find solutions in the future that prevent the teams from working too closely.”

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The fact that Haas used parts that can also be found in Ferrari for this year or last year is nothing more than the fact that Haas is powered by a Ferrari engine. However, the regulations stipulate a restriction on the similarity between two different vehicles.

The FIA ​​has yet to comment on the facts, let alone open an investigation.

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