April 25, 2024

Formula 1 - FIA announces consequences after Guanyu Zhou's horrific crash: impact on design possible

Formula 1 – FIA announces consequences after Guanyu Zhou’s horrific crash: impact on design possible

“The teams have confirmed their readiness to introduce more stringent measures for roll bars for 2023, and the FIA ​​has committed to complete an appropriate analysis and inform the teams of new requirements for the safety of roll bars,” the World said. Governing body of meeting decisions.

Section 13.31.1 of the 2022 Technical Regulations correctly specifies the loads that the primary modified structure must withstand.

“In addition, each team must provide detailed calculations that clearly demonstrate the ability to withstand the same loads with longitudinal elements connected in the forward direction,” it said.

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The latter paragraph refers to the design of the rollover structure, which in the case of Alfa Romeo departs from the classic enclosure solution and is intended to bring advantages in terms of both aerodynamics and weight. It remains to be seen whether an FIA investigation will ban this design.

Red Bull chief engineer Paul Monaghan assured that all teams could learn lessons from the Silverstone incident: “It would be a bit sobering not to watch.”

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