Formula 1: Anxiety is growing! Glue mess looms in Europe

For years, Formula 1 has been trying to improve its appalling climate footprint. And even if the measures pay off: the top category in motorsport remains an environmental seed. Not surprisingly, it is a thorn in the side of environmentalists.

Now that the most extreme of them, the ‘last generation’, have dealt with even a visibly clean Formula E formula, there are growing fears that Formula 1 is also threatened by a glue mess.

Formula 1: Are protests threatening again?

The disruptions caused by climate activists are already familiar in Formula 1. In 2020 and 2022, protesters stormed the Silverstone circuit during the race to demonstrate against the racing series. The environmental issue is now more present in all parts of the world than ever before. So further acts of protest in Formula One are not out of the question.

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Recently, Formula E has come under the crosshairs of the “last generation”. The race in Berlin started with a delay after protesters tried to stick themselves to the track. Formula 1 will also make its European debut this weekend. The protests there are particularly acute and extreme right now. In Germany, Spain, France, the Netherlands and many other countries – especially in Western Europe – activists make headlines again and again.

Climate debate rages on

Because of the authoritarian regime in Azerbaijan, action is unlikely. However, in the following weeks and months, we will be heading to Italy, Spain, Great Britain and the like.

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The heated climate debate is driving movements to take ever more drastic action. So far, the bold actions against Formula 1 have gone down slightly. But it’s also clear that crashing on the track during a race is life threatening.

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