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from: Dieter Durby

Since January 2023, Ingrid Wildmann-Dominguez has been Director General of the Transport and Innovation Center in the Oberland (Tezio). © University of Applied Sciences Munich

As the new Managing Director of the Transport and Innovation Center Oberland (Tezio) in Bad Tölz, former Regional Director Ingrid Wildemann-Dominguez will promote cooperation between business and science from Bad Tölz.

Miesbach – For more than ten years, Ingrid Wildmann Dominguez has been the Regional Director of Permanent Staff at the former Site Marketing Company (SMG) in the Miesbach region, which now operates as Regionalentwicklung Oberland (Reo). Soon after the restructuring, it called the neighborhood. In January, she took over the management of the Transportation and Innovation Center Oberland (Tezio) in Bad Tölz.

It’s an exciting area of ​​responsibility that awaits the 42-year-old. In Tölz, the Munich University of Applied Sciences wants to set up a campus of 25,000 square meters next to the company Sitec. Funding has been approved by the Free State of Bavaria. The district city will be one of 20 locations throughout Bavaria in the future. Many buildings in the manufacturing, materials, management and tourism departments will be built there. The start of a big project.

A lot has changed at SMG in previous years, Wildemann-Dominguez reports. More and more colleagues have been added. The degree of specialization increased accordingly. “Where previously there were projects in every area, now there has been more and more substantive deepening.” One of its first projects was the creation of holiday care in Miesbach.

Lots of project experience

For a qualified geographer from Straßlach (Munich district), the new site is a logical development. “Recently, I have been mainly interested in innovation and collaborative forms of development, and have been doing workshops.” These include formats such as the Innovation Festival in Gmünd, the “Hackathon Handwerk” in Benediktbeuern and various communication campaigns for the districts of Miesbach and Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen under the label “Servus Zukunft”.

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Networking remains a core competency

Communication is also of central importance in her new role. The technology transfer center that the university is building in Bad Tölz” is the cover of the ecosystem we have created. It is the link between business and science. I had to take this chance.”

Projects between science and business

Tizio is based at the Munich University of Applied Sciences and funded by the Ministry of Science. The goal is to “create projects between science and business,” explains the new director. For example, you cite a company that wants to redesign a seal and needs support. This need for research can be captured by contract research or funded research.”

Tizio’s main areas of focus include Additive Manufacturing, Automation, Robotics, IT Simulation Lab, Tourism and Quality of Life. The area of ​​operations extends over planning area 17 from Miesbach to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. As the main contact, she brings many contacts with her to her new role.

Until then, not only the center must be built, but also the structure and the equipment ordered – Wildemann-Dominguez’s job. She currently works in Munich and at Tölz Town Hall. Until Tizio begins.


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